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15+ DIY Wood Spool Furniture Ideas and Tutorials

15+ DIY Wood Spool Furniture Ideas and Tutorials


Old wood spools are one of the best low-cost materials for a DIY makeover. You can use them to craft unique projects to get brand new furniture for indoor and outdoor functions that differ from the original. Let’s take a look at the ideas below and get inspired to upcycle those wood spools or barrels for our homes and gardens.

1. Spools converted into wine tables

or a cooler on top

TUTORIAL: Decorate a branded wine table step by step photos by time

2. Spool Bookcase

Tutorial: Spool Bookcase (Tutorial) by Pink x Stitch

3. Cable Spool Rocking Chair

Tutorial: How to Make a Cable Spool Rocking Chair by Soda Head

4. Electric Spool Stool

TUTORIAL: Decor Fix’s Electric Spool Stool

5. Salvage Spool Ottoman

TUTORIAL: Design Sponge Salvage Spool Footstool by SHELLY

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