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7 Tips for Creating a Home Office You’ll Love to Work


7 Tips for Creating a Home Office You’ll Love to Work

7 Tips for Creating a Home Office You’ll Love to Work

For many, working from home can be a dream come true. Eliminating the soul-destroying commute in rush hour traffic is just one of many benefits. However, when most people think of working from home, there is a common misconception that you can work from anywhere – including the couch, yard or even bed. This is not correct.

Most productive people who work from home have a designated workspace – usually at a “proper” workstation with a desk and chair. Having a home office offers an opportunity to get creative and optimize your work-from-home space.

Photo by Yasmina H on Unsplash

No matter how you want to decorate your home office, here are seven expert tips to help you prepare for work-from-home success.

1. Find the ideal location

Some people are lucky enough to have a spare room in their home that they can convert into a home office. However, if you don’t have any spare rooms in your house, you may need to get a little creative.

If you don’t mind clearing and packing all your work before meals, using the kitchen table as a desk can work in a pinch. If the thought of moving before mealtime bothers you, you may have to get creative with the space you have. If you don’t have any other space, you can convert unused corners and places under stairs in larger rooms into small office areas.

2. Invest in comfort

When creating an efficient and professional home office environment, your investment in it should be considered your own. To be efficient, you have to feel comfortable.

As with all things, you usually get what you pay for. So while it may be tempting to buy cheap office furniture, avoid poor quality desks and chairs. Think of it this way: You spend at least 40 hours a week in your office chair. If you fall into the trap of buying cheap furniture, you will feel uncomfortable and have to replace it in a year or two anyway.

Buying the best home office chairs in Australia will ensure you get proper back support while you work and avoid postural issues in the future. Likewise, investing in high-quality, ergonomic office furniture is an investment in your own comfort and productivity.

3. Take care of your neck and eyes

Once you’ve chosen an ergonomic chair, don’t forget your neck and eyes either. Position your computer monitor where you are comfortable.

You may want to experiment with which position works best for your neck and eyes—the goal is to have your spine in a neutral position, the top of the monitor at eye level, and the screen at least 20 inches from your face.

While most monitors can be fine-tuned, you may need to prop them up on a monitor stand to find the perfect spot. If you don’t have a monitor stand, an old box or some books will do the trick too.

4. Choose the right desk

When you work from home, you spend hours every day at your desk. Choose the desk that fits your best workflow, space and budget. Ideally, your desk should help you stay productive and comfortable throughout the day.

If you feel pain from sitting all day, consider using an adjustable desk. With an adjustable desk, you can switch from sitting to standing to get your blood circulating and stretch your legs. Standing at a desk instead of sitting can also improve your long-term health, according to research.

5. Priority lighting

Lighting is the most overlooked aspect of most home office spaces. Because most of our work is done on computers with backlighting, we usually don’t think about adequate lighting.

While insufficient lighting in a home office does not cause blindness, it can cause eye strain. When you suffer from constant eye strain, you get headaches, which reduces your productivity. Choosing a place with plenty of natural light is best, but artificial lighting will work too. However, avoid overhead lighting that creates glare on your computer screen.

Work lights strategically placed on your desk can be helpful because they glow where you need them. When choosing a work light for your desk, choose one with an opaque shade so it focuses the light on your desk.

6. Consider storage options

While most people only think about their laptops when thinking about remote work, your job may require other supplies, such as pens, paper, documents, and other office supplies.

Storage options for your personal belongings aren’t just good for your home; they’re also great for storing your home office supplies — like stationery and documents. Your storage solution doesn’t have to be a large filing cabinet that takes up a lot of space – simple cubes, cubicles or even plastic storage containers will work. Freeing up space in your existing shelving unit and dedicating it to your work projects can bring organization to your home office.

7. Create Privacy

If you have an extra room that you can convert into a home office, the room is likely to be private because it has doors that can be closed and walls that separate it from the rest of your home. However, if you’re not so lucky, finding a quiet and private area to separate your home life from work and get things done can be challenging.

If you’re using a corner of an existing room as a home office, consider adding a divider for privacy. This can be a traditional partition placed on the floor, or you can hang curtains on curtain rods on the ceiling to close the space.

Curtains are great dividers because they’re inexpensive, lightweight, and can be made from fabrics that blend easily with the rest of your home decor.

Photo by Mikey Harris on Unsplash

last words

As we discussed, your home office can be anywhere you want. You can create a cozy nook for yourself in an existing room, or you can choose to distribute the office throughout the free room.

The possibilities are endless – the only limit is the space available in your home and your imagination!

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