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Check Out: Cashmere Blonde


Check Out: Cashmere Blonde

Check Out: Cashmere Blonde

Blondes have never been limited to one single shade or color. This works for natural hair as well as tresses that have been treated with different brands of professional hair dyes. However, blonde hair has come in many different forms over the years.

The history of blonde hair trends includes everything from bright platinum styles with honey highlights to more practical styles with darker roots and undertones. Regardless, blonde is one of the most versatile and diverse hair colors around. It is loved by many for its alluring fashion forms, one of which is the cashmere blonde.

Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

What is Cashmere Blonde?

This particular type of blonde takes a lot of inspiration from its name. Like a warm, soft cashmere sweater, cashmere blonde looks healthy, touchable, natural, and most importantly, expensive. It’s one of the first blonde trends to hit 2022, but with all the hype it’s already received, this trend has the potential to become a classic look.

Like the “expensive brunette” hair trend that emerged late last year, cashmere blonde is all about mixing different shades of blonde to create a cohesive yet three-dimensional look. Cashmere blonde hair is achieved by strategically mixing cool and warm blondes. The mix of these golden shades creates an effect that exudes health, radiance and golden luxury.

While the exact shade may vary depending on the client and their specific skin tone or preference, since professional hair care products preserve (rather than strip) color-treated hair, between salon visits, excellent The cashmere blonde look should appear balanced and super silky.

Cashmere Blonde vs. Balayage

The balayage look is very popular, and color requests are often made in salons everywhere. Clients really like the look of balayage because it is more natural than full color.

Balayage usually uses hand-painted colors or traditional foil colors in the middle of the hair all the way to the ends, making the top of the head a different color. As the color moves down, it gets lighter and turns into a golden look that is both flattering and natural.

In addition to the specific look that balayage produces when gold is applied, clients love this color technique because it makes maintenance procedures easier if needed. Growth in the root area makes balayage look more natural and live.

Cashmere blonde hair shares this particular quality with balayage, although there isn’t much in common between the two, other than using a professional hair dye to boost the starting color and make any subsequent color deposits more visible.

Cashmere blonde hair differs from balayage in that the hair color shades chosen for balayage are often bolder, while cashmere blonde shades are lighter and more artistic, designed to lighten the facial area and create a more subtle overall look.

Cashmere blonde hair tends to be higher in color and closer to the roots than balayage. While clients can extend longer between color appointments for these two looks if desired, it’s also very common that clients want to keep up with their cashmere blonde finish especially if their natural hair color is very dark .

Cashmere Blonde Look: Colors and Styling

The process of treating hair and applying cashmere blond is much like balayage. Many stylists choose to paint each color by hand for a softer, more diffused effect.

Stylists should first consult with their clients and discuss inspiration, color schemes and desired results. They should develop a color plan with each client and work together to select all the shades that will be used on the client’s hair during the color appointment. Remember to choose hair colors that enhance your client’s complexion and don’t make them look faded.

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Once hair is lightened (if desired) and color applied, it’s important to style cashmere blonde hair to help it reach its full potential. Softness and touch are key qualities of cashmere blonde, so a good blowout is a must.

Stylists should apply a heat protection spray and then blow dry clients’ hair with a large round brush to create lots of healthy volume. A little texturizing spray at the end of the styling process will help warm and cool golden tones become more pronounced. The result is a golden style that looks and feels like your favorite, most luxurious sweater.

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