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DIY Button Tree on Canvas Wall Art


DIY Button Tree on Canvas Wall Art

Buttons aren’t just there to keep you off. With your imagination and creativity, it can magically turn into captivating wall art. For example, Ms. Amanda used these little buttons to create a button tree on a pre-drawn canvas. They look great hanging on empty walls. Amanda started by working on a blank canvas with colored spray paint. I might try watercolor painting with the kids, it would be easier.

Supplies you will need:

  • canvas
  • Pastel colored spray paint
  • pencil
  • three-dimensional paint
  • colored buttons
  • glue


  1. Lightly apply pastel colored spray paint on canvas. Make sure not to put too much pastel spray paint. Let the paint dry in about an hour.
  2. When creating a project, draw a tree on the canvas as a guide.
  3. Fill the tree with a brown metallic finish.
  4. Add dimension to the tree with dimensional paint.
  5. When the paint dries, add the buttons (best to arrange the buttons before applying the glue).

  6. Image: OBN; Credit: Amanda’s Crafts

For more details on the instructions, you can check the link here: Amanda’s Crafts – Vibrant Button Tree on Canvas.

Amanda even took the canvas apart to create a four-season button canvas. You can see all the supplies and steps on her blog here: 4 Seasons Button Tree Canvas.

If you happen to have random buttons, you can combine tonal colors to make vintage buttons out of fabric buttons, be sure to add shine after you place the buttons on the canvas, Jodi Wiley Sketches covered with her little daughter All her creation tutorials are here.

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