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DIY Cute Bird House Using Plastic Bottles

DIY Cute Bird House Using Plastic Bottles

Here’s a great idea on how to recycle some plastic bottles you might have stuffed into your recycling bin (I’ve done a lot of projects with plastic bottles before). You can now make an adorable decorative bird house in minutes! If the birds live in your backyard, it will be exciting to have this beautiful and cozy new home that you have built for them. JUD Arts shared all the details on how to make one of these, and here we show a step-by-step tutorial in English.

1. Cut the body part of the plastic bottle into a flower shape, and put the plastic petals close to the fire to twist it into a more natural effect.

2. Cut off the bottom of the Coke bottle (15.L) to make the birdhouse.

3. Cut the top (roof) from a 2 liter bottle of coke, hot glue on top, and hang through the string.

4. Use acrylic paint to paint the upper and lower parts of the plastic bottle, and add flowers as decorations.

5. Glue twisted thread or hemp rope along the door hole, and add a rope to hang it up.

Creative Craft Night also shared an even easier tutorial for making the popular plastic bird house, shown below.

Pop Bottle Bird Feeder

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