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DIY Decorative Plastic Spoon Mirror


DIY Decorative Plastic Spoon Mirror


I love the idea of ​​making this large decorative mirror for a dining room, you can add petals that fade from a dark saturated color in the center of the flower to a lighter color near the outer edge of the flower. The variety is done by addicted2decorating. This tutorial is easier because I’m not good at coloring and it was easier for me to use cardboard for the base than wood.

Materials you may need:

  • Plastic spoon, large cardboard box, hot glue gun, hot glue stick, 5 serrated hooks, 5 nails, hammer, ruler, scissors, pen or pencil, tape, string, 1 can of spray primer, 4 cans of spray paint, mirror.

Head over to Little Things Brings a Smile for a detailed tutorial:

Plastic Spoon Mirror Tutorial

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