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DIY Easy Cut


DIY Easy Cut-N-Thread Felt Basket Organizer + Video

This felt basket is easy to make by cutting, punching and threading. You don’t have to use felt, try some other material that is strong enough, like plastic or leather. Felt sewing projects are very basic for beginners and can be cut by hand or by sewing machine and easy-to-run or stitched for felt hem. Felt crafts are easy to stitch 2 pieces together, the most important part is the template. Felt Christmas ornaments can be easily made with your kids to make your holiday tree more cool and unique. They can also be used to decorate branches, mantels, lamps and other items. It’s a great option because you can change the color and even the pattern to match your home decor.

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Materials that may be required for this project:

  • felt
  • ruler
  • Scissors
  • Wire
  • ribbon decoration

To make this basket first you have to cut a large circle out of felt about 44.5 cm in diameter as shown. After that, mark 16 lines about 8 cm long on both sides of the circle so that if you extend the lines, they will meet at the center of the circle. Cut along the lines to get sectors. Punch two holes in each sector as shown. Bring the sides together and thread a string or ribbon through the hole. Pull the string tight and tie so that the felt is in a basket shape. Decorate the basket with ribbon or fabric flowers and use it to store your craft supplies or anything else you see fit.

Cut the felt into a circle with diameter = 44cm (you can choose any diameter you want, but be sure to adjust the cut around the circle later)

Divide the felt circle into 16 equal parts and cut the crease of length = 8cm


Thread and decorate.

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