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DIY Easy Mustache Cake (Video)

DIY Easy Mustache Cake (Video)


This mustache cake is perfect for little man birthdays or gender reveals. Mustaches are all the rage right now, and rightfully so, they can make for a fun and quirky accessory! This cake can be shaped into a mustache much easier than you might imagine when you see the amazing results! It is very easy to buy and cut a plain round cake and rearrange the 2 sections and decorate as normal.


  1. You need a round sponge cake
  2. Cut the cake into yin and yang symbols like the picture above
  3. Frost! Using the tines of a fork, create “hair” on the surface of the mustache.

You can check out a video tutorial on how to cut and frost at the link below:

DIY: Mustache Cake

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