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DIY Halloween Yarn Pumpkin Tutorial

DIY Halloween Yarn Pumpkin Tutorial

Are you looking for Halloween crafts for your home? Today we’re sharing a familiar trick for making Halloween pumpkins with yarn for fall decorations. Balls of yarn are great decorations for hanging, adding lights inside, or decorating with flowers, indoors or out. We’ve had a lot of yarn ball projects for home decor in the past, the Balloon Ball Christmas Decoration and the Big Bouncy Ball Yarn Chandelier are two options that I really like. Today we’re just changing things up a bit and using fall-themed colored yarn to make yarn ball pumpkins that are fun, easy to make, and versatile enough to change sizes and use them to make fall wreaths or wreaths.

Debbie at A Little Thing shares tips for making these adorable yarn pumpkins using glue, balloons, and orange yarn, shown below.

You can check out how she does it on her blog, with tips for avoiding the mess on her blog: Yarn Pumpkins.

Here’s an easy way to make little pumpkin garlands that will adorn your mantel and look sweet all fall! This idea was brought to us by Nod, so creative!

Supplies you will need:

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