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DIY How to Make a Mason Jar Lamp

DIY How to Make a Mason Jar Lamp

Do you have barrels of empty wine bottles lying around? Or maybe you bought some beautiful decorative bottles at the craft store but you don’t know what to do with them? This simple DIY project is one of the most spectacular yet. Wine bottle corks are known to be great craft supplies for different art projects, but this person found these corks to be quite functional as well. After opening a wine bottle, save the cork for later and create a cool light by installing LED lights on the cork. Use a rechargeable LED light so you can use it for longer, and once attached to the cork, place the light in a clean wine bottle. It can be a cool room decor or outdoor lighting idea, it is also a great idea for those who are opening a bar or restaurant and looking for a decorative piece that can bring style and personality to the place.You Can Buy a Cork-Shaped Rechargeable LED Light on AmazonDIY How to Make a Mason Jar Lampand make sure you watch the following video tutorial:

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