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DIY Lace Doily Light Tutorial


DIY Lace Doily Light Tutorial


We’ve been trying to get crafty with simple, easy and wonderful DIY projects to brighten up our home decor, and today we’re going to make a hanging lighting feature using some of the yarn scraps you have left over from your crochet projects. We have tried a lot of yarn crafts and similar yarn ball projects before, the yarn pendant lamp shade – the idea of ​​the ball pendant that wraps the yarn around the bottom opening as a shade is quite challenging. If you’re good at crocheting or crafty enough, you can buy a lace doily or repurpose those old doilys for this wonderful decorative lamp! Glue it on a ball of about or half circle, wait to dry and decorate, you will love the evening romantic shade, a great DIY you will love to try, it will surely impress your family and friends impression! If you want different ideas for making these romantic doily lamps, here are 3 handpicked tutorials for you to follow.

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