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DIY Personalized Cathedral Window Baby Play Mat Tutorial + Video


DIY Personalized Cathedral Window Baby Play Mat Tutorial + Video

DIY Personalized Cathedral Window Baby Play Mat Tutorial. You might be looking for cute, unforgettable baby shower gift ideas, maybe you want something a little different from your usual onesie and burp cloth? We have to buy and make a lot of baby stuff for them. Quilting is a satisfying project that will give you awesome practical results. Quilts are great gifts for friends and relatives, or even just for yourself. This adorable cathedral window baby play mat is perfect for summer! It is constructed using a unique method that requires no quilting, traditional quilting, and binding.

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To make this beautiful playmat that looks like a cathedral window, first you have to cut 40 pieces of fabric from the print of your choice. Then cut 20 cotton ball discs the same size as the fabric discs. Lay two discs of two different fabrics on a batting disc and sew the edges. Make a small cut in the outer fabric disc and lift the disc out of the inside. You can sew the cutout and place it on the bottom of the playmat. Draw squares inside the disc and sew them together as shown. Make rows of sewing discs and sew the rows together. Sew on the petals and your baby’s playmat is ready.

Get the full and fun quilting tutorial at the link below:

Amy Gibson’s Cathedral Window Baby Play Mat

Get a detailed video tutorial from Quilting in the Rain:

Simple Cathedral Window Tutorial by Jera Brandvig

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