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DIY Tinkerbell Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

DIY Tinkerbell Pumpkin Carving Tutorial


Halloween is coming and you and your little angels want something a little different from the traditional Jack-O lanterns and witches and ghosts of the holiday season? Great, you’re here to check out this awesome tutorial. Tinker Bell to the rescue! We’ve got loads of Halloween decoration ideas and party treats you won’t want to miss, just click the link and you’ll be inspired to make your Halloween party even better this year. The list of easy DIY Halloween decorations is a great collection that you should definitely check out, party snacks and treats and spooky lollipop designs are fun and spooky for any kids party.

Luis Linares from Instructables shares with us a fairytale tutorial for making a jack-o’-lantern by combining carving techniques with a hot knife, faux saw, and hand drill. They’re tricks to make carving your pumpkin easier with a hot knife, and drilling pixie holes to make sparkly light holes.

You can get a full step-by-step tutorial and a free Tinkerbell silhouette via Instructables here: Tinker Bell Pixie Dust Pumpkin Carving. There are many pumpkin molds and templates available, just google and choose the one you like, then follow the tips to make your own fairy jack-o-lantern.

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