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Embroidered Fashion to Follow This Fall


Embroidered Fashion to Follow This Fall


Embroidered Fashion to Follow This Fall

Trends come and go, but embroidery always stays in style. The delicate thread and beadwork in the embroidery makes each piece look expensive and unique—even if you buy it like the rest of your wardrobe. You can find a variety of embroidered pieces to suit your style, but if you’re looking for upcoming fall trends, you might consider these embroidered styles:

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

1. Embroidered Jewelry

Thanks in large part to TikTok, craft jewelry is trending. Content creators on social media are showing their fascinating steps to creating unique and stunning earrings, pendants, brooches and more using materials such as clay, glass and small embroidery stitches. Embroidered jewelry tends to be lightweight yet incredibly detailed, with gorgeous stitching on a micro scale.

Generally, embroidered jewelry utilizes unconventional mediums to catch the eye with bright colors and exciting patterns. You can find any theme or style in embroidered jewelry, from flowers and plants to geometric shapes to tiny art scenes, so you should be able to find jewelry pieces that fit your fashion aesthetic.

2. Embroidered shoes

Gone are the days when you wanted your shoes to look like everyone else’s. As a way to differentiate your style from head to toe, you can invest in shoes with a personal touch with embroidery. Embroidered shoes often feature stitched designs in various locations on the fabric upper, such as the toe cap, collar, or side panels. Because shoes provide a larger canvas than jewelry, you can find larger and more interesting designs on embroidered shoes.

However, you should only invest in shoes embroidered by a machine or by an experienced embroiderer. Unskilled embroidery can leave too much thread inside the shoe, making the shoe uncomfortable, if not unwearable. While it may be tempting to embroider your own kicks, you should always opt for professionally embroidered shoes.

3. Embroidered Jeans

There are all kinds of embroidered textiles, from button-down cotton shirts to masks used to prevent infection, but jeans are probably the most popular embroidered garment. Styles from the late 90s and early 00s are back in a big way, which means that flares, frayed edges, and features that help personalize trousers are once again in fashion.

Various embroidery can make a pair of jeans unique. Embroidered jeans pockets are probably the easiest, but also the most common. You might be looking for embroidered jeans with front details that stand out more and are more easily appreciated by passersby.

4. Thorn

A form of stitching from Japan designed to help strengthen clothing, “sashiko” translates to “little thorns” in English. This embroidery style involves the use of small continuous stitches in a hypnotically intricate pattern. In fact, the act of creating sashiko is so repetitive that it has been used in meditation practices to provide calm and focus.

Sashiko is both functional and aesthetic, making it an excellent embroidery style for a variety of garments. Even better, while the thorn is delicate, it’s relatively easy to implement, so you can experiment with thorns on clothing yourself without worrying about costly or ugly mistakes.

5. Floating embroidery

Another enticing embroidery style you might notice is floating embroidery, which is based on ancient Chinese embroidery techniques. Floating embroidery involves stitching on a translucent background such as tulle or thin silk. By stitching on such a delicate material, the embroidery acquires a 3D effect, as if it were suspended in the air.

Floating embroidery is laborious and time-consuming, as translucent base fabrics tend to be more delicate. As a result, the floating embroidered fashion pieces you find can be quite expensive. If you have a major event coming up, such as a wedding or gala, you might be looking for a gown or suit made of floating embroidered elements that are sure to make you look and feel unique.

Photo by Arun Prakash on Unsplash

Embroidery has been a popular method of decorating clothing since humans first learned how to thread thread through a needle. Today, embroidery allows you to personalize your fashion choices in unexpected ways, so you should keep embroidery in mind when shopping for next season’s wardrobe.

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