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High Waist Wood Planter DIY Tutorial


High Waist Wood Planter DIY Tutorial


Waist-tall wood planters are a great option for adding extra gardening space whether you have a large yard or no yard, especially if you have seniors in your home, and all the crooked and heavy soil can worsen their health. Before this, I had a lot of DIY planter projects that you can check out, such as the DIY Tire Wishing Well Planter and the DIY U-Shaped Raised Garden Bed for easy access. Today, I’m sharing a DIY waist-high wood planter box tutorial on how to build a planter box or vegetable box that the author likes to call a waist-high wood planter.

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Learn all sizes from the textbook and adjust to your personal needs:

How to Build a Waist Height Planter Box

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