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How to DIY a Wedding Ring Pillowcase

How to DIY a Wedding Ring Pillowcase


Today we are sharing some special wedding ring holding ideas to inspire for your big day!

Let’s start with the traditional concept of a wedding ring pillow. It’s traditional, but you can make it with the following whimsy.

Try adding your name, wedding date and more to make your day last forever.

It would also be great to customize your wedding ring holder on a clay plate.

Tutorial: DIY Ring Bowl Made of Oven Baking Clay

You can easily find jewelry boxes or handcrafted in stores.

This idea is also lovely for those who love to read.

Yarn lover, one of my favorites, crochet, knit or just heart fabric, um…

Wooden jewelry box.

Ring bearers from nature: hay, wood, grass, flowers…

from the sea

To be paged by your loved one:

This coffin jewelry box is a bit over the top, but I love the idea that true love lasts until the end!

Our Facebook fans really have some special thoughts about me. Today we’re going to talk about wedding ring holders as requested by one of our fans (sorry for being late). Wedding ring throw pillows are a must for weddings, here is a list of cute and unique throw pillow collections for your reference, they are so creative and easy to make.

You can check out 29 DIY Wedding Pillow Tutorials at the link below:

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