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How to Make Your Wedding Menu Feel High

How to Make Your Wedding Menu Feel High-End


How to Make Your Wedding Menu Feel High-End

When planning your dream wedding, you can’t skimp on anything, including your wedding menu. Your guests will be able to tell the difference between high-quality stationery and cheap paper that doesn’t look too classy.

If you’re looking to serve your food on a fancy dish instead of a paper plate, this is exactly what you need to do! Here are some tips on how to make your wedding menu feel high-end without breaking the bank.

Photo by Victoria Priessnitz on Unsplash

1. Combine acrylic menu with embossing

Embossed flowers without wilting petals are a great way to decorate a wedding menu. You can pick some special ones and paste them on your menu before printing them out. Keep in mind that dry embossings can easily crumble, so make sure to keep them in a place that’s not too dry or too hot.

Just check to see if they feel brittle or if the color has faded before using them. If you want to use flowers as decorations on your menu, consider putting them in small vases. The effect is similar, but more elegant than simply arranging flowers on a printed wedding menu.

For example, you can put rose petals in glass containers and arrange them around your dining table, or even put them on each guest’s plate at dinner. This gives you the opportunity to create unique flower arrangements for each environment.

And don’t forget that you don’t have to limit yourself to one type of flower; try combining different kinds of flowers as a template for your wedding program.

2. Consider copper and rose gold details

These will make your guests feel super luxurious even if they are not. Copper and rose gold are popular wedding metals for their warm, luxurious hues—but you don’t have to shell out a fortune for real copper or rose gold utensils and accessories.

Copper cups and plates are just as beautiful (and serve) when coated with a thin layer of copper leaf. Rose Gold can be made from any metal plated with 24K rose gold. The result is an affordable alternative that still looks high-end.

Don’t skimp on quality: People often try to save money by choosing cheap tablecloths and sheets; but why skimp on one of your biggest investments? Quality tablecloths, napkins, sheets, cutlery, silverware, and china are worth investing in, as they are more durable than cheaper versions.

You also want these pieces to look great for years to come – no one wants faded or frayed edges at a wedding! Before buying in bulk, be sure to buy from a reputable supplier who offers samples. Remember, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on decor if it doesn’t fit your budget.

Consider customizing some items instead of buying them outright. For example, consider having a designer create custom napkin rings instead of buying pre-made ones from a store. Use fabric placement settings: Fabric placement settings add texture and color to an otherwise boring tabletop.

Photo by Khoi Tran on Unsplash

3. Choose materials that can be doubled

One way to feel like you look upscale is to choose a menu that can be used for more than just food. For example, if you plan to place seating cards or table assignments on the menu, choose one that matches your decor.

You don’t have to use a different item for each purpose – just make sure it goes seamlessly with everything else at your wedding. If your menu doubles as location cards, try ordering the cards and putting them in a leather case (these can often be found cheaply at craft stores).

Or you can choose to use location settings instead of location cards so everyone can sit wherever they want. This method is especially effective when combined with napkins that are both decorative and functional. There seems to be a lot of upfront work, but not all of these details actually come together.

The overall effect is worth it! believe us: No one thinks twice about how to make your wedding menu feel high-end because they won’t even realize there’s a plan behind it! They just think wow, these guys know how to throw a party.

they look expensive: People always think that expensive things look expensive because of their material value. This may not necessarily be true, but we’ll accept the assumption anyway.

4. Mix Black and Gold Plated

You can use black calligraphy ink or lettering to set off the gilded gold background to give your menu a truly luxurious feel. It’s a very eye-catching look that pairs perfectly with some of our favorite wedding ideas, like having your guests write their own messages on blank sheets of paper and adding them to original artwork you’ve created yourself.

For example, if you’re getting married in a castle, ask each guest to draw something they like, then arrange the drawings around the framed photo of the two of you that you took for your engagement photo.

If not, try asking each guest to bring an item that they think represents what love means to them—and put those items in front of your relationship photos.

Or maybe ask everyone to write down a word to describe how they feel about your marriage. You can then use these words to create a collage that hangs above your head table. Whatever you choose, make sure to include an envelope for people to put their information in, and make sure there’s enough room for them to do so.

The wording of the menu card should be simple and elegant, so keep it short and sweet. We also recommend avoiding mentions of food, as most people will expect to taste your delicious sauce rather than read it beforehand.

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