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Practical tips for dealing with dry skin


Practical tips for dealing with dry skin

Practical tips for dealing with dry skin

Besides looking unpleasant, dry skin can be downright uncomfortable. While some people have naturally moist, radiant skin, others often struggle with temporary dryness. Needless to say, if you fall into the latter category, skincare can often seem like an uphill battle.

However, no matter how prone to dryness your skin is, it should be within your power to effectively address the problem. So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to chronically dry skin, put these tips into practice.

Photo by Jenna Hamra from Pexels

1. Reconsider how often you wash your face

While there is no doubt that cleansing is the tenet of good skincare, it can be overused in this regard. Many of us have a tendency to over-cleanse the face — in addition to over-washing the rest of the body — and the result is often dry skin. This is especially true for people who regularly use harsh face washes, which can turn naturally dry skin into unbearably dry skin.

While many of us have come to accept that washing our faces twice a day is a simple fact of life, this rule is not set in stone anywhere. In fact, if you don’t wear makeup and your skin is usually dry, you might be fine with washing your face once a day.

Washing your face with a mild face wash before bed can effectively remove any pollutants before enjoying a night’s rest. Then, upon waking up, just sprinkle a little water on your face and you’re done. However, if you have extremely oily skin, a thorough twice-daily cleansing may eventually prove necessary.

2. Use products that are appropriate for your skin type

If your current skin care products aren’t showing the results you want, chances are they’re not formulated for your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin but use a product formulated for oily skin, don’t be surprised if you experience irritation, redness, flaking, and many other issues.

So before you check out, make sure any toner, cleanser or moisturizer you buy is specially formulated for your specific skin type.

Also, if over-the-counter skin care products repeatedly fail you, you may want to consider looking for organic and/or chemical light alternatives. Collagen supplements for skin, for example, can help develop healthy skin and are affordable on almost any budget.

3. Moisturize after each cleansing

A good moisturizer can be an invaluable ally when it comes to drying out your skin. Moisturizers play a key role in replenishing the oil we wipe off when we wash our faces. If the moisturizer you’ve been using only irritates your skin, there’s a good chance you’re using a poor-quality product or one that’s simply not suitable for your skin type. It’s also possible that you’re using too much or too little moisturizer after cleansing.

If none of the moisturizers you’ve tried have proven successful, schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable dermatologist. Also, if your skin problem proves to be a symptom of a greater disability, it may be worth your time to research disability insurance options.

4. Try washing without detergent

While washing your face without a dedicated face wash might feel like a distant concept, trying it out may end up being one of the best things you’ve ever done for your skin. So, if you’re wearing no or no makeup, rinsing with water once or twice a day may be enough to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant.

Washing with only water helps minimize the amount of natural oils that are stripped from the skin, which is a boon for anyone with ever-present problems with dry skin.

Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA from Pexels

Even if you don’t care too much about your appearance, overly dry skin can cause you quite a bit of physical discomfort. Also, that’s not to say that people whose skincare isn’t the focus are the only ones affected by dryness. When it comes to fighting dryness, it’s not enough to take care of one’s skin – you need to take care of it the right way.

However, since everyone’s skin is different, what works for you may actually promote dryness in others. So while the tips discussed above may not absolutely apply to everyone, there’s a good chance they’ll be able to help you with chronically dry skin.

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