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The 7 Most Popular Men’s Shoes of the Year


The 7 Most Popular Men’s Shoes of the Year


The 7 Most Popular Men’s Shoes of the Year

Every year a new set of fashion products enters the trend-setting area. This year, with the beginning of the year, is no different. Shoes are an important factor in trying to look stylish. Unlike the women’s section, men have very little to offer when it comes to fashion. This is especially true for the men’s footwear segment. Even though there are quite a few categories, they may all look the same to you. If you feel you are in this situation, read further for your education.

Here are some shoes from the menswear section that we think will be trend-setters with the right outfit:

1. Moccasin Slippers

Photo by Jeroen den Otter on Unsplash

As the name suggests, penny loafers are so named because the shoes have a small opening that ensures the penny fits them. They have come a long way since they became popular in the early 19th century AD.

Moccasins are slightly different than regular penny loafers. These penny loafers are hand sewn and the sole is made of soft and stretchy leather. Therefore, loafers are also flexible to some extent.

These are great for semi-formal wear and also great for casual wear. Brown moccasins go well with blue jeans, as well as black and navy cotton trousers. Even if you plan to wear simple gray pants and a white shirt, be sure to check out men’s moccasins. In addition to brown, the store offers many other color options for different clothing types and colors.

2. Classic Oxford Wingtip Dress Shoes

They originally originated in Scotland and Ireland and have taken the world by storm. These classic Oxford wingtip shoes feature a narrow wing shape at the front. They are also known as elegant dress shoes. These shoes mean business. They make you look smart, elegant and stylish.

They go perfectly with suits, tuxedos and split dresses. Whether it’s a formal date or a business event, oxfords never disappoint. That being said, the shoes can also be paired with semi-formal outfits like colorful blazers and jeans.

3. Suede Chelsea Ankle Boots

Photo by Darlene Alderson from Pexels

Ankle boots aren’t just for women. Even men have their own professional version. While there may not be a major selection compared to the female section, it still caters to male customers. Suede Chelsea ankle boots are one such example. Unlike ordinary and sometimes boring looking ankle boots, suede Chelsea ankle boots stand out in many ways.

First and foremost is the design and materials. Those two are enough to get hundreds of customers to buy Chelsea ankle boots. They look youthful, stylish and make you stand out from the crowd (in a good way).

If you’re planning to buy one, rest assured that it will blend well with any outfit other than formal wear. But hey, if you want to wear it for formal occasions, go for it. Your taste may vary.

4. Sneakers and casual shoes

Everyone knows and loves sneakers. They are perfect for casual wear. They work perfectly with one of the most popular tops of all genders, the hoodie. Sneakers are the only footwear that goes hand in hand with hoodies in any color and fabric. Just throw on a hoodie, jeans, and your favorite sneakers, and you’re good to go.

but it is not the truth. Casual shoes can be paired with semi-formal outfits like jeans and blazers and are perfect for wedding events.

5. Lace-up Chukka Boots

chukka boots are a unique part of men’s footwear. They look like a cross between ankle boots and Chelsea shoes. Because of their uniqueness, they look stylish and comfortable. If you plan to wear jeans a lot, a brown lace-up chukka would be an excellent choice.

If you want to elevate your casual look, be sure to swap out your sneakers for chukkas. They instantly give you a smart casual look, ensuring it’s neither too casual like a sneaker nor too formal like an executive shoe. Since it is business casual, it can also be paired with formal wear.

6. Motorcycle Lace-Up Combat Boots

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Now, don’t be shocked by the word COMBAT in the name. Although they are considered combat boots, they serve a different purpose. With a solid reputation in womenswear, they have finally entered the menswear collection.

Motorcycle lace-up boots can be paired with cotton or denim-inspired bottoms. Black is the most popular choice because it can be mixed with almost any color. The lace-up feature of these boots ensures they fit securely while being comfortable and breathable.

Men who like kilts can also benefit a lot from this combat shoe.

7. Formal slip-on loafers

The younger generation has always loved loafers. Like the penny loafers mentioned above, these formal slip-on loafers look almost similar. The only difference is that these loafers are mainly for formal wear, so they have a shiny finish compared to the leather finish of the aforementioned loafers.

As the name suggests, they are the go-to for those who like formal wear and loafers. While most loafers don’t fit formal attire, these dress loafers ensure you’re business-ready, giving you the class and style you need to attend formal events.

Yes, in case you didn’t know, the men’s shoe collection isn’t that boring. The above are just a few of the many men’s shoe styles we think will be deal breakers this year. That being said, be sure to check all available color options when it comes to getting your favorite color, as one person’s choice may not be a viable option for another. Again, feel free to mix and match your shoes as you like.

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