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They put wooden discs on the floor! result?

They put wooden discs on the floor! result?


If you’re planning to replace your carpet with hardwood floors and Formica floor patterns are one of your favorite options, try this rustic reclaimed wood flooring project that’s sure to refresh your home. You can see how they use the wooden discs to create an amazing wooden floor. This is a very very creative and budget friendly way to upgrade your floors.

The technique uses debarked logs – either found naturally or hewn from felled trees – that are stacked and mashed. The wood they use is legally harvested from their national forests. The trees – “Shaggy Bark Juniper” and “Alligator Bark Juniper” – have died and fallen of natural causes.

After running each piece through the chop saw (set at 1 inch), they sanded down the discs and glued them directly to the floor.

After setting each piece, they tamp them hard to make sure they are in good and tight shape

The entire floor is covered with beautiful cork

When the time came, they applied a thin layer of polyurethane to the surface of the disk. They do this to keep the grout from sticking to the top.

Finally, after grouting the space and applying more coats of polyurethane, their stunning floor is complete

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