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Traditional Chinese Medicine is popular​​​—but does it really work?


Traditional Chinese Medicine is popular​​​—but does it really work?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is popular​​​—but does it really work?

The wonders of Western medicine underpin everything in the modern healthy person, but alternative and complementary therapies can also make a huge difference. In their editorial series on improving health, Harvard Health highlights how these interventions can improve health everywhere from the gut to the brain.

Alternative therapies are easy to overlook, but many of them have important foundations in everyday practice—reflexology is a good example, a very specific and effective type of massage.

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What Reflexology Reveals

Reflexology is a foot-centered wellness practice. It has been practiced in the United States for at least a hundred years, and in its most basic form, involves targeted massage of the feet with an emphasis on acupressure – according to traditional Chinese medicine, the human body is powered by the vital force, chi, and acupressure designed to target .

According to pedicure pedicure experts, combining pedicure with acupressure to apply acupressure on the arms, face, head and neck can effectively improve blood circulation, improve flexibility and reduce fatigue. There’s a lot to be said for massage’s ability to release stress, but there’s also a lot of scientific evidence to support the assertion that reflexology can do more.

According to the December 2021 issue of the Journal of Practical Oncology and Radiation Therapy Reports, children who received regular 20-minute reflexology reported significant reductions in pain and improvements in physiological markers, primarily blood pressure and heart rate. Overall, this suggests the effectiveness of reflexology as a complementary therapy to help relieve symptoms of other conditions.

Embrace acupuncture

The power of acupuncture is now well known, and according to Yale Health, it is accepted by American medicine. The practice of inserting small needles into key parts of the body has been around for thousands of years in East Asia, and its efficacy is well known. The key is to balance the therapy used – for example, acupuncture is not a substitute for medication and should be treated with exercise and stretching for back problems.

That being said, it is now recommended by many doctors as an effective alternative therapy, especially for pain, and can be considered something that really helps with pain and health issues.

The power of Tai Chi

Another complementary therapy that some may know is tai chi. Likewise, Tai Chi in its most basic form is somewhat similar to yoga or Pilates – however, the true form of Tai Chi is to channel life force in a way that is beneficial to the body. Once again, science has demonstrated how this practice works when combined with more modern treatments.

A study published in Science Daily found that seated tai chi practice was effective in boosting recovery outcomes in older stroke survivors. Simple postures and movements help create positive circulation in the body, promoting regeneration. This is an exciting development, given the severity of symptoms caused by stroke and the difficulty of treatment.

The real testament to the effectiveness of these treatments is the power of thought. While it is clear that some conditions cannot be cured by relaxation, acupuncture or tai chi, they can be relieved and symptoms follow. This is especially important for anyone who has difficulty managing pain. Even a little relief from the effects of certain conditions can be life-altering, something that cannot be taken for granted. Alternative therapies aren’t just a fad – they’re real tools of change.

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