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What Can You Really Do About Wrinkles Around Your Eyes?


What Can You Really Do About Wrinkles Around Your Eyes?

What Can You Really Do About Wrinkles Around Your Eyes?

Everyone develops wrinkles as they age, and while you can’t stop them forever, there are ways to deal with the most visible signs of skin aging. For example, our eyes are an area where wrinkles naturally gather, so many of us are looking for strategies to minimize the appearance of fine lines that form here. So, the question is which of these actually works?

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1. Makeup Makes a Difference

Using anti-aging eye makeup will not only cover wrinkles, but also give your skin the protection it needs to stay young longer.

Most importantly, you need to be aware that one of the main reasons for the aging process our skin goes through is sunlight.

So, it’s wise to choose makeup that has an SPF rating, which shows that they block UV rays, which not only catalyze wrinkles but also increase our risk of cancer, for several reasons.

2. Moisturizing is essential

High-quality eye makeup is fine, but you also need to pay attention to the moisture level of your skin. The drier, the more visible the wrinkles around the eyes.

Conversely, if you moisturize your face in your morning and bedtime routine, it will preserve a more youthful appearance. Moisture plumps it, which reduces the appearance of all forms of wrinkles.

It’s also wise to keep a small tube or jar of moisturizer with you to apply topically during the day when you find dryness around your eyes.

Be aware that the skin in this area is very sensitive, so you need to be careful with any makeup you use. If your skin reacts negatively to moisturizer, reduce the amount you use, or switch to a different product entirely.

3. A good night’s sleep helps

Excessive fatigue can aggravate and exaggerate the wrinkles around our eyes, and even relatively young people can look many years older if they don’t get enough sleep.

Taking steps to improve your sleep quality and get more rest while reducing the stress we experience in our daily lives can provide you with a way to make your wrinkles less noticeable.

4. Smoking and sun exposure accelerate wrinkles

We’ve discussed that eye makeup with an SPF rating is worth it, but if wrinkles are an issue, it’s best to change your lifestyle so you don’t spend too much time in the sun.

Also, you will find that smokers have more aging skin on the face and other areas, so if you have this habit, quit it and your skin will look less haggard in a few weeks.

5. A good diet works wonders

Eating healthy is an all-encompassing approach to the many health and aging issues you may be facing. Sticking to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and avoiding unhealthy fast foods and convenient meals will put you on a path to looking and feeling younger.

Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

Don’t let wrinkles invade you

As a final note, eye wrinkles are unavoidable, and in a sense they are evidence of a happy life, because if you smile and laugh more often, they also get more. So, besides trying out some of these tips, don’t be afraid to wear your wrinkles with pride.

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