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10 best DIY mason jar light ideas


10 best DIY mason jar light ideas

These are beautiful and easy to make 10 DIY Mason Jar Light Ideas Very suitable for this season! If you like to stay in the house for a long time in winter, it is best to make it look comfortable and warm. Lights are the perfect way to do this, because lightning can almost change the overall atmosphere of a house or room. LED strip lights are very famous among teenagers, but most adults just long for warm and retro lightning, which makes them feel vague and nostalgic in their hearts! Do you feel the same? Well, these mason jar ideas are for you!

This article will cover a series of DIY mason jar lamp ideas, from retro to bird’s nest themes; from summer to winter themes DIY oil lamps; from autumn to spring themes; and from gummies to aquariums, and more! Since the holiday is not over yet, you can also wrap it up as a holiday gift and give it to loved ones who like decoration-for such a person, this will be a very nice and considerate gift! In addition, these mason jar lights are also super way and quickly set off, so you really don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time making them!

1. Retro Mason Jar Light

This is a very retro and beautiful lamp, you can remake it for only about $1.99! Isn’t this the best thing ever? This lamp uses a medium-sized old-fashioned bulb, so it will provide a beautiful golden light all night long! Need to nail the white glass wishing rack, vintage Edison bulb-25 watts, spherical wide mason jar and some other supplies.Red haired

2. Bird’s Nest Mason Jar DIY Lamp

The creativity of the bird’s nest mason jar table lamp is absolutely unique, just like you have never seen before! Don’t you like the best little eggs and the beautiful lampshades on them? You need a lamp adapter, lampshade, and a few other things to put them together. This mason jar table shares a beginner-friendly project, so don’t be scared!consumer goods

3. How to make a mason jar lamp

This is an idea for a desk lamp. Because of the birch wood used in it, it has a very beautiful and rustic atmosphere! Do you have simple furniture? This will be very suitable for this aesthetic! Half-gallon mason jars, light bulbs, birch wood, burlap drum covers, wide mouth adapters and some other supplies are used for crafting!Country style

4. DIY Mason Jar Light

The “Warrior Don’t Worry” message on this Mason can light can be easily customized and changed to other things! Words can definitely achieve your dreams well, so when you want to change the energy, you can always make such a lamp! There is an LED fairy lamp inside the jar, and printed letters are pasted on the outside.textbook

5. How to make autumn mason jar lights

Autumn is about making your house look warm, beautiful and comfortable! What is the best way to make your house comfortable? Yes, by adding a lot of warm shades! This is another absolutely cute glass jar light plan because it has autumn leaves in its mason jar-how cute! Mason jars, fake autumn leaves, lamp adapters, lamp shades and some other materials used here.Talis

6. DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp

This is a DIY oil lamp very suitable for summer themes! Are you bored and want to make something beautiful for your backyard or room? Well, then this is the ideal DIY mason jar oil lamp plan you can try! Just need some basic supplies! In addition, you don’t even need to be a professional to make this project a success!Phytotherapy

7. Mason Jar Children’s Room Lamp

How cute this plan is-it fits the core aesthetic of the copycat! This project requires a mason jar and LED accessory fairy lights. In addition, chalk paint is used for painting and does not require any primer. Painter’s tape is best for this plan, but you can use any other type of tape as needed. Modified tot

8. Mason Can Tube Light

Don’t you like the look of this tube lamp? It has colorful and vibrant lights that can perfectly illuminate your room at night! Does this mason jar lamp excite you? Take a look at this DIY lamp plan and collect all the supplies-you will enjoy the beauty of making! Give this gift to loved ones who study at night and need a good night light!textbook

9. 2 Minute Mason Jar Jelly Bean Light

The Jelly Bean idea can be completed in less than 10 minutes, and you will love its results! Quart mason jar, light bulb -. 60 watts, jelly beans, lampshades, lamp adapters and some other tools and materials will be used to nail this project! Compared with the other sizes mentioned in this article, its size is very small.Happy Hour Pro

10. Mason Jar Children’s Aquarium Light

Last but not least, this is a very eye-catching and absolutely stunning aquarium idea! There is blue water in it, and fish in it. Shades, mason jars, light bulbs and some other basic supplies are needed to make this project successful! So, are you ready to give it a try? This will be very fun!Artistic creation

So, are you ready to try these DIY mason jar light ideas? These DIY lights are not only fun to assemble, but also fun to buy them! why is that? Just because you will enter the crafts section of the supermarket, your serotonin will definitely be improved! Besides, when you start putting it together-the real fun begins! Let’s also talk about the satisfaction you will feel when you finally complete it and place it on your bedside table, table, etc. Isn’t this exciting? It’s time to start!

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