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15 cute and unique candy jar ideas ⋆ DIY crafts


15 cute and unique candy jar ideas ⋆ DIY crafts

These 15 cute and unique candy jar ideas are suitable for giving to your loved ones in almost any season! Kids love candies, you can use these candy jar ideas to let them do their chores! Do you remember the excitement when you heard the word “chocolate” or “candy” when you were young? Well, this is exactly how your child feels! So, what can you do with his information? You can motivate your children to complete their work, i.e. homework, housework, etc. You can tell them that once they complete the task, you will give them this candy! In addition, this can be the perfect gift for friends during the holiday! In addition, these canned candy gift ideas are perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day!

This article will cover a series of candy jar ideas from Valentine’s Day to Halloween; from Christmas to Thanksgiving; or from Easter to spring; from simple to fancy; from basic to floral! You have many choices-your final decision depends on the season, who the gift is for, etc. So, are you ready to try these beautiful jars? Not only will these jars be put together, but also supplies can be purchased, which will be an interesting process! After all, who doesn’t like buying candy, right?

1. Primitive Fall Mason Jar Candy Dish

A mason jar with vinyl cuts is used to make this cute candy jar! You can also put a lot of candies in it and give it to the kids when they finish eating the vegetables! Candlestick holders, wooden toppings, glue, black chalk paint, transparent vinyl, and other necessities.Candy Club

2. Halloween candy jar label

This is another super weird and scary jar perfect for Halloween! It has a very creepy label that says “Horrible and creepy”! Moreover, you only need a few basic supplies to complete this project! Is this exciting? Well, let’s take a look at the project! moritzfinedesigns

3. DIY canned candy gifts

Do you plan to keep showing this jar to motivate your child to work! So, here is a very beautiful rainbow jar idea, which will use many different colors of candies! You need mini marshmallows, green labels, wreaths, gold-wrapped chocolates and some other things.forever

4. Simple DIY candy jar gift

Candy jars are certainly great holiday gifts because they are filled with candies and look very beautiful! In addition, the candy jar can be given to almost anyone! Also, if you want to gift it to someone close to you, just add a photo or Polaroid to it to match the theme!Carlyn Brook

5. Candy Mason Jar-Love the free prints very much

This is a very feminine plan and different from all the other candy jar ideas in this candy mason jar guide. It has a flower hat and a crystal handle on the top to open it! Is it too fancy? In addition to this, a cardboard cutout was placed around the lid of the jar with a black and white thread!Cottage market

6. DIY custom candy jar-a gift with candies

The sweet choice in this plan is just super pretty and beautiful! Many different candy colors are used here, and they are all super nice! In addition, the top is tied with a beautiful red and white ribbon. Everything matches perfectly, this will be a great gift!Candy Club

7. DIY Peekaboo Heart Candy Mason Jar

The peekaboo mason jar is the perfect gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day! Don’t you like how the heart of the center displays the beautiful chocolates inside! Vinyl heart, mason jar, spray paint, spray gold, primer, Hershey chocolate, and some other things used here.Yesterday tuesday

8. Valentine’s Day themed candy mason jar DIY

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, which means you need to make a candy jar for someone special! If they like to eat sweets, there is nothing better than this cute jar! In addition, you can also sell it around that season to earn some extra money and use it elsewhere.Smart savings couple

9. How to make a bunny candy jar

Easter is definitely a very festive season, people will eat a lot of delicious food! Why miss the chocolate? You can put it and all the desserts on the table! Pastel paint, paintbrushes, glue, gift tags, Easter grass, candy, masking tape, plastic rabbits, and some other supplies used here.backward

10. Double mason jar gift card + candy stand

Are you looking for a gift jar that is not a super personality but is still good enough to give to acquaintances? Okay, so here is how to make a candy box with a gift card in it! Washi tape is also used here, as well as a twine and a cardboard cutout.something

11. DIY creepy candy specimen jar

This is a creepy candy specimen, perfect for Halloween! It has candy in it, a creepy lid on it, and fake spiders on it! Primer, quick-drying glue, plastic pumpkin, clean jar, and some other materials you need to complete this project!Cupcake Rehabilitation Center

12. Easy Mason Jar Candy with cricut Idea

Red and pink are usually related to the day of love-Valentine’s Day! Are you planning to celebrate with someone or alone? Well, here is a gift you can make for your loved one or yourself! Super beautiful, with Cricut hollow decoration on the outside!Kings Reddy

There is something so cute and cute about the spin label! This is a plan that will show you how to download these tags and use them in this amazing project! Cardstock, mason jars, gift tags, jar tops, twine, ribbons and other things are used to make this candy jar.It’s that simple

14. Use cricut to make grandma’s candy jar

The cricut machine is used to make this absolutely amazing grandma dessert jar! The candy jars used are all the same in order to conform to the aesthetics. To successfully complete this project, you need mason jars, candy, scissors machine, scissors, glue and some other supplies!frugal

15. Chill Pills Gag gifts and free printable labels

Compared with other candy jar ideas, this one is very beautiful! The label used above is actually a very old and retro label, and this jar is named “Cooling Pill”! First prepare your jar with cinnamon sticks! After this, you can create your design!Thinking cabinet

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