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15 simple DIY oil lamp ideas


15 simple DIY oil lamp ideas

Are you looking for interesting DIY projects to work on the weekend? So look no further!When we bring you these cute and simple 15 DIY oil lamp ideas with step-by-step instructions. They will be a blessing in disguise. In addition, they are made of fragrant essential oils, olive oil, etc.! It will definitely add elegance and unique charm to your modern home decoration. They will consume less time, and DIY olive oil lamps will give you some useful and super beautiful returns. Most importantly, these DIY oil lamp ideas can be easily completed and require some raw materials that you can easily find!

From Mason tank oil lamps to environmentally friendly DIY oil lamps, to making oil lamps to oil lamps of the 1930s, there are different options to choose from! Match your favorite oil lamp and make it immediately to enhance the overall appearance of your room. They will add the most comfortable winter atmosphere to your evening. In addition, these are also the best holiday gifts for family and friends. To be honest, anyone would like to have a cute DIY oil lamp. Finally, it’s time to bring your favorite essential oils and use these mason jar lights to add a bit of sweetness to your life.

1. DIY Essential Oil Lamp

DIY essential oil lamp is the easiest work project! It is very suitable for beautiful scented houses that can be rebuilt in a few minutes. All you need is a glass jar with decorations, filled with water and olive oil, a few drops of essential oil and food coloring. Finally, get a mason jar light with a floating wick!Ann Mary John

2. Making Mason Jar Oil Candle Light-Holiday Gift

Make this DIY candle light as the perfect gift for the holiday! All you need to do is put olive oil, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, small pine cones and essential oils into a mason jar. Add some water to raise the oil level and use the floating wick to light the candle!Heart hand vine

3. Environmentally friendly DIY oil lamp from scratch

This eco-friendly DIY oil lamp uses only vegetable oil, cotton thread, wires and tin cans from scratch. It can be used indoors and outdoors. This kind of lamp can be made with a floating wick for 5 minutes in emergency situations such as a power outage, and can even create a simple fragrance around you!Historically

4. Mason tank oil lamp

How to make mason jar oil candles? Mason jar oil lamps are simple to make and very beautiful! It is very suitable for illuminating small indoor occasions, and can also be used as a central decoration for weddings. Light up your summer nights with these beautiful DIY oil lamps. All you need is paraffin lamp oil, pacifier, cotton wick, coupling, gasket and a mason jar to make one!Life is a party

5. The magical Mason jar oil lamp-DIY oil candles in 2 minutes

The magic mason jar oil lamp is the perfect DIY oil candle that you can make in just 2 minutes! They are very beautiful and easy to make. In addition, you will find that they are safer than candles, only bright and long lasting. All you need to do is add essential oils, some water, and 1 tablespoon. Vegetable oil, and a big floating wick in a Mason jar!A rainbow

solar light: These mason jar solar lights can be easily made at home with only three materials.

6. Turn wine bottles into mood lighting

You can turn your essential wine bottle into mood lighting! You need an empty wine bottle with a flat bottom, put a one-foot-long flat cotton wick, pour the odorless lamp oil with a funnel, and put a bottle wick on it. This will be the stopper that holds the wick in place. Enjoy your own mood light! Food 52

7. DIY oil lamp

This DIY oil lamp is very easy to make! All you need is a small glass jar, a wick and some aluminum foil. Use foil to make a stopper for the jar, which has a central hole for the wick. Fill the jar with oil, then insert the plug with the wick through the hole, and you are done!textbook

8. DIY oil lamp

How to make an olive oil lamp? Making your own oil lamp is easy! All you need to do is put your hand on a small glass jar and fill it with olive oil.Take a wire and wrap it around a thick cotton core to make Olive oil lamp safe. Please put it in the pot and light up at the end!Rogue preparation

9. Homemade glass bottle oil lamp

Homemade glass bottle oil lamp, simple and practical! You will need a large glass bottle with a metal screw cap on the top, cotton thread, and olive oil. Use a sharp needle to make a hole in the metal cover to let the wick through. Fill the bottle with oil and water. Your oil lamp is ready!textbook

10. DIY semi-precious stone oil lamp

The DIY semi-precious stone oil lamp is so cute! All you need to do is take a medium-sized glass bottle and put a candle wick in it. Fill the bottle halfway with a stone, and then use a funnel to further fill it with kerosene. Finally, the wick holder is made with washers. Light up your beautiful oil lamp and enjoy!Confetti

11. Make your own oil lamp with a mason jar

It’s very easy to make a DIY oil lamp with a mason jar! All you need is a Mason glass jar with metal lid, cotton core and paraffin oil. Make a hole in the middle of the pot lid, pour the oil into the pot, put the cotton wick through the hole inside, and cover the pot to let the oil in. Coming, ready!Retro stuff

12. Farmhouse oil lamp wall art with grain bags

This wall art with grain bags is an interesting DIY craft! All you need to do is find a background for your oil lamp and apply white latex paint. Use a grain bag template and a stencil brush with acrylic paint for touch. Finally, cover with gray wax to increase the texture. Light up your oil lamp and enjoy the rustic look!prodigal son

13. How to use old-fashioned oil cans to make lights

This is how to make a lamp out of old-fashioned oil cans! You will need an old oil can, degreaser, drill bit, metal file, tee socket, metal threaded joint, hex nut, wire kit and a light bulb to make a light. Connect the socket to the can and wire set and connect the bulb to create your own light!my life

14. The oil lamps of the 1930s were modernized

The oil lamps from the 1930s have been modernized and are perfect for enhancing the elegance of your living room! You can update the old vintage lamps to beautiful modern style lamps to perfectly fit your home decoration. Please paint with your favorite color and give it a unique and simple touch, which will complement the furniture!Pink tenacity

15. DIY steampunk industrial tube oil lamp

The DIY steampunk industrial tube oil lamp is a fascinating project! All you need to do is to set up an industrial pipe with any number of oil lamp holders. Take a thick cotton core to ensure a perfect fit. Pour kerosene from the opening to light up the wick! YouTube

Now you have about 15 fascinating DIY oil lamp ideas, they will be of great help! They correctly add to your winter night atmosphere and can make any moment unforgettable. Add your favorite decorative materials, these decorative materials can be infinitely creative, adding a customized touch to your mini oil lamp. These are cheap, easy, and possibly romantic, and can spend a lovely breeze night! In addition, they also made exquisite last-minute gifts for special friends. These DIY oil lamps are not only beautiful, but also resourceful. They are a great way to brighten up your mood and spend relaxing time at home. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your supplies immediately and make one. Happy and sweet feeling! 😊

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