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20 free DIY pergola plans to build your own pergola


20 free DIY pergola plans to build your own pergola


Use these DIY pergola plans to add value to your yard, lawn or any outdoor space, which will help you learn how to build a cheap and simple pergola in your home. Whether you need to create an outdoor seating area that is completely relaxing and fun, or want to shade or protect the elements there, building a pergola will be a wise choice. These free pergola plans are sharing all the guides on how to build pergola like a professional without putting any burden on your wallet.

See this list of 20 free DIY pergola plans, which includes detailed step-by-step instructions for free-standing pergola and deck pergola. And will provide various design inspirations for you to choose according to your needs and wishes. The first step is to identify the area and clean the target space in order to install the concrete base. Next, install heavy-duty pillars to install a strong roof.

All these pergola designs are made of wood, and their designs are unparalleled in terms of aesthetics and cost. Depending on the size of the pergola, you can set up 4 or 6 pillars to support the roof beams and brackets. The final step is to install the rafters for the lattice roof using pressure-treated wood similar to wood. From building a resort-style pergola to an entire outdoor private room pergola, this free pergola plan and design checklist will provide step-by-step instructions and tutorials to build all the designs in an affordable way. Check them on the list.

1. DIY pergola for your home or garden

Redefine your outdoor appearance by adding a pergola. Choosing this kind of durable wood requires many different boards, such as 1Γ—3, 2Γ—8, 2Γ—6, 2Γ—2, and 4Γ—4s wooden posts, which can be used to make corner posts. Use galvanized steel brackets for overall assembly. Here is a free plan diynetwork

2. How to build a pergola

Sort out the ways to make your outdoor privacy possible? Then build this pergola, its square design will impress people. Heavy-duty pressure-treated wooden beams and wooden lengths should be put together to make this pergola design. Posts are fixed in a square of 10 x 10 feet. The design will be applied to the backyard landscape.textbook

3. DIY Super Frugal Pergola

Building a pergola requires a lot of wood, which is very expensive to purchase. Get here plans to build a pergola in an economical way. Use 6 lengths of 2x4x8s and 6 lengths of 2x4x10s to construct this epic wall-mounted pergola design. Use joist hangers, joist bolts and nuts for durable wall hanging. Don’t forget to add lights and curtains.Created home

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4. How to build a basic square pergola

Do you like squares very much, then you will definitely have a soft spot for this square pergola design. It is also very suitable for outdoor landscapes. Sit in the shade of this pergola and enjoy the Adirondack chair. You need concrete, 6Γ—6 columns, 2Γ—8 beams, 2Γ—4 trellis, and 1Γ—8 trim to build it.Details here sunset

5. Make your own backyard shade pergola

Use this backyard shade pergola to add a lot of privacy to your backyard, while gaining a covered lounge area. It stands on 6Γ—6 pillars with a roof supported by 2Γ—12 beams. Use a length of 2Γ—10 to build a slatted roof. Use 2x4s to build the rest, and finally install curtains and lights. The full tutorial is here remodelaholic

6. Build a pergola-two days and $500

Spending two weekends to build this pergola will add a new decorative dimension to the backyard. In addition to the pressure-treated 6x6x8′ pillars, you also need a lot of pressure-treated wooden slats, such as 2Γ—6, 2Γ—10, and 1Γ—4 to build this pergola, which will create a super fun gathering place in the backyard. The project will cost you $500.Family fixation

7. Great DIY weekend pergola

Spending an entire weekend building this incredible wooden infrastructure will enhance your outdoor beauty. Build it to get a private seat in your outdoors, allowing you to enjoy interesting conversations. You only need heavy-duty pressure treated planks and wooden posts to build it.That’s it

8.Modern DIY deck pergola

Use a pergola to increase your deck space for immediate beautification. Set up a nice look for your deck with this modern DIY deck pergola and will work very quickly. It does not have a padded roof, but it is sure to make your deck space look private. Hang the light cord to make it more charming.Remodelers

9. Modern pergola concept-outdoor room

By constructing a pergola, an outdoor luxurious living room and recreation room like a living room can be obtained. In this design, the roof pillars are supported by heavy-duty pillars with beautiful design appeal. If you want to enjoy dinner, coffee and fun gossip outdoors, please choose this design. Enjoy luxury.HDTV

Pallet sofa: Get inspiration from these pallet sofa ideas, which will surely let you get your favorite comfortable sofa design in your pergola project.

10. How to build a wooden pergola

Pick out the best outdoor landscape project? Then you must consider installing this wooden pergola, which is the best focus to add to the outdoors and increase privacy. Grab 4Γ—4, 2Γ—4, 2Γ—6, and 2Γ—10 pressure-treated lumber lengths to build this fancy pergola design. Full instructions are here hgtv

11.DIY 8Γ—10 foot pergola for your backyard

If you like to sit outdoors, but will tan and burn your skin, then choose this 8×10 foot pergola solution. It will add a shelter and at the same time make your living space more private. Start building it by installing heavy wooden pillars, it should be 4Γ—4 or 6Γ—6. Use 2x4s as the rafters and 2x6s as the beams.textbook

12. Build an easy-to-customize pergola

Install 4x4x12 wooden columns to create this stunning outdoor view-the pergola. Using 2Γ—8 and 2Γ—2 as roof beams and rafts, this pergola design will cover nearly 12 feet x 14 feet, providing immediate shade space for sitting outdoors. Add curtains to increase privacy and hang lights to enjoy this fun place at night.Los

13. Pergola with swing and fire pit

By installing this geometric pergola, your backyard or any outdoor look like heaven. It provides swing suspension seats, allowing you to enjoy winter nights around the central fire pit. The addition of string lights turns the entire pergola design into a mini paradise. The project will cost you approximately US$2300.Remodelers

Make your own Adirondack chair: Follow these free Adirondack chair plans to create the perfect chair for your pergola project.

14. How to build an awning

While enjoying the greenery outdoors, don’t let the hot sun tease you even more. Update your outdoor activities by installing a pergola to make your backyard more beautiful and provide shade at the same time. Enjoy the afternoon under this pergola while chatting with friends. The stunning overhead lattice completed with classic pillars will impress everyone.Home handyman

15. Pergola for your terrace

By installing this pergola, you can create amazing shadows in your outdoors while adding protection to various elements. Custom-made straight columns are used to construct the lattice edge roof, which should be supported by heavy wooden beams. Install the bottom seat and turn it into a large leisure area.beautiful

16. DIY pergola with adjustable roof panels

There are a variety of pergola designs to choose from, choose this pergola that provides adjustable roof slabs. First fix the 4Γ—4 wooden beams in place to support the roof rafters and beams at head height. Use 2Γ—4, 2Γ—6 and 1Γ—6 to build the roof and lattice wooden frame. The guide is here hgtv

17. How to build a simple backyard pergola

From simple to advanced, you can get various pergola construction plans here. This simple pergola looks great in the chocolate tones of wood and can improve your backyard aesthetics. Use 6Γ—6, 4Γ—4, 2Γ—8 to build it. 1Γ—2, 2Γ—3 and many other wood lengths

18. Build the ultimate resort-style pergola

Add this resort-style pergola to your most visited outdoor activities and enjoy the luxurious outdoor life, complete within 8 days, at a price of US$4,250. First prepare the site, install the concrete foundation, and then build a wooden deck. Get a lot of help from 4Γ—4 or 6Γ—6 wooden posts to install the pergola posts. Next, add roof beams and rafters.handy-man

19. Build your own or hire a professional guide

Build this triangular pergola. It provides a stronger support, and you can fix it on the ground by digging the space. Top the pillars with beams, you can cover them with even and flat rafters, and it will be a perfect slatted roof. Construct this pergola in an affordable way in less than a weekend.Family Counselor

20. DIY waterproof canopy pergola

For the backyard deck and front yard porch, this canopy pergola design will be a wise choice. This is a waterproof canopy pergola supported by 6 huge pillars. It covers a large area of ​​shade and will improve the beauty of the whole family or room.Fence center

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