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20 simple DIY dog bowl rack ideas ⋆ DIY crafts


20 simple DIY dog bowl rack ideas ⋆ DIY crafts

Make your pet’s life easier with these 20 simple DIY dog bowl rack ideas, which will make feeding your dog easier without causing major trouble. Dogs mostly drag ordinary bowls, so they always need to wipe off spilled drinks and food after each feeding. Therefore, using these elevated dog bowl racks will not allow the dog to slip out of these racks. They will raise the food to a comfortable height, allowing the dog to eat easily and quickly even after certain medical conditions.

So before you buy an expensive dog feeding station, browse this collection of 20 best DIY dog bowl rack ideas, which are handmade and add custom features to best suit your needs. From country style to farmhouse style to modern design in the middle of this century, this series offers all dog bowl rack designs to choose from. Most of them are simple, easy and straightforward wooden structures, and some may involve some painting, carving and decoration.

You will get free DIY dog bowl rack plans, visual diagrams, detailed instructions, and even complete video tutorials to build a dog bowl feeder like a professional. Paint and decorate wooden boards, put the bowl into it, and finish with custom metal or wooden legs to construct a dog bowl standpipe rack. Build a dog bowl feeder with storage space to get a complete and excellent dog feeding station, where you will get a manual structure, or you can immediately build a solid concrete wooden dog bowl standpipe rack. Therefore, be sure to quickly summarize all these listed diy dog ​​bowl rack items to learn more.

1. DIY dog bowl rack with hairpin legs

By building this dog bowl rack, it will make it easier for your dogs to eat and swallow, which will ensure that they maintain a better posture while getting feed. This dog feeder will not easily slide on the floor, so don’t let the dog make a mess. Use Krylon Metallic Gold and Rust-Oleum Gloss Candy Pink to spray cut size plywood, cut a large hole in the center to fit the bowl, and finish with 4 hairpin legs, that’s it.Dansler Lakehouse

Keeping pets can be fun, but it also requires extra care! This DIY tray dog ​​bowl rack makes serving your dog very easy.

2. DIY elevated dog bowl

Even using waste wood can cleverly make a cute elevated dog feeder, which will help your dog eat and drink easily. They will raise the food to an easy height to facilitate feeding and prevent neck pain or back pain. Trace large holes in a piece of wood and cut them off. Connect the wooden legs, and then engrave the dog’s name letters on one side. Install the bowl, then finish it with stains and a few layers of shellac.Wild revelation

DIY dog house: Use these free DIY dog house plans, including sketches, photos, building instructions, and material/cutting lists to build your own shelter for your dog.

3. Build a dog bowl stand for less than $25

With this dog bowl rack, you can feed your dog quickly and easily without any neck and back paint. It will raise the food well to a height that is comfortable for the dog. The cost of building this dog bowl rack is less than $25, and it can prevent your dog from making a mess. The dog feeding stand will also bring a touch of herringbone elegance to the space. You need 1×4, 2×2, waste wood, dog bowls, paint, stains, and wood glue to build it. Modern and super beautiful dog bowl rack design.Simple handmade

4. DIY dog bowl rack

Don’t let your dog slide the dog bowl around the house and cause a big mess. Using this DIY raised dog bowl rack makes it easier for them to eat food and drink water. This is an excellent crochet work that will definitely impress at first glance. The stand gets its beauty from the charming black painted legs and looks double cute with the natural wooden top tray top. You need 1x6s, 1x2s, 4 wooden legs, glue, straight leg board, satin finish and dog bowl to build it.Freckled Wren

5. How to make a dog food bowl rack

By building a dog bowl rack, provide your dog with convenient drinking and eating. When willing to build a dog bowl rack, remember the size or breed of your dog. You can even use the leftover wood to build an instant and beautiful dog bowl rack. Use a 12-inch wide x 30-inch long hairpin leg, dog food bowl, and polyurethane to build this model. It won’t take much time to build it.textbook

6. Homemade dog feeder

Please follow the guide and instructions for building a modern minimalist wooden dog food bowl rack here. The frame of the model uses a contrasting color, and then attracts attention with a beautiful wooden top that can hold the dog bowl well. Grab DAP RapidFuse wood adhesive, DAP natural wood filter, 1x2s, 1x12s, 4 gussets, dog bowl to build this dog feeding rack. You can even make it and give it to friends who love dogs.Action Party

7. Wooden overhead dog feeder

It does not take much time to replicate this impressive dipping design of another wonderful dog tray. You can even use leftover wood and leftover paint to make this amazing dog bowl rack model. Piece together the same thick and wide boards to create this long-lasting, longer, and amazing dog feeding rack that will impress people at first glance. It will definitely give the dog a better posture. 100 things 2 to do

8. DIY dog bowl rack for your puppy

This dog bowl rack is sturdy and rustic with metal plates. Here, it is an industrial farmhouse style dog bowl rack, which provides fairly easy construction work. You need a 16 inch x 48 inch laminated pine plank, 1x4s, 1x3s, decorative hardware and wood glue to build this epic dog bowl rack farmhouse model, which will work very fast. Cut a 6-inch hole in the top to install the steel bowl. One of the best dog bowl racks ever.Shanty Town 2 Chic

9. How to make a dog bowl

Confused about how to build a dog bowl rack? Follow the simple instructions to make a durable wooden dog bowl rack and make a bizarre handmade gift for a special dog lover. The project involved pocket hole joinery to make this excellent dog bowl rack model. You need to have a basic skill level to complete this model in a few hours.Grab 2x2s oak, 1x3s, 3/4″ oak plywood and some creativity to build this fantastic dog bowl rack. Family convenience

10. DIY dog food rack

By setting up this instant and beautiful feeding station, your dog can relax in his daily diet. The precious wooden dog bowl rack raises the bowl higher so that all dogs can easily access it. Use black paint to create a gorgeous black dipping charm for the bracket. You will love having this dog bowl at home, allowing you to feed your dog comfortably and without clutter. You need 2×2 lumber, dog bowls, stains, wood glue and right angle clamps to build this dog bowl rack.Anikasti Life

11. DIY dog bowl

Clone this very beautiful wooden dog bowl model, which also has black stripes in bright wood tones. Take a board of the same thickness and same length, and then cut holes at the same point. Dye half of them in the dark, and stack them alternately with white wooden boards. Therefore, you will get a raised wooden dog bowl rack with precious modern white design lines. The best gift for dog owners.Garrison Street

12. Overhead dog feeder with storage

Trying to build a custom dog bowl rack model at home? Why not copy this given dog food station, it provides hidden storage space and is also used to store dog food. The design is like a large wooden box with a steel bowl on the top. The rest of the box is white, providing ample space for dog food storage. Simply open the hinged cover to reveal the internal storage space. You need plywood and 1×3 pine boards to build this epic dog bowl rack with storage space. Addictive 2diy

13. Puppy dog ​​food bowl rack

By building this gorgeous red dog bowl rack, it is easier for the puppy to eat or drink. Use 1x2s, 1x3s, wood glue, cereal bowls and pocket screws to cleverly create this epic model of an elevated dog bowl rack that looks like a miniature wooden table. Even if you are a beginner, the design is achievable and will leave a deep impression at first glance. It must be obtained to make the dog feed a mess.Remodelers

14. Mid Century Dog Bowl Rack

This handsome dog bowl rack has 3 legs, and its unique and cute design is impressive. It looks like a miniature 3-legged round table with a steel bowl on top. Even if you are a beginner, you won’t spend too much time copying this charming wooden dog bowl rack model. You need 12-inch round planks, 8-inch tapered legs, corner leg plates, wood stain, polyurethane, foam brush, fine sandpaper, and metal pet bowl to build it.Sarah Haz

15. Medieval style elevated dog bowl rack

Replicating another epic model of the dog bowl rack in the middle of the century, the modern style dog feeder has beautiful metal hairpin legs. The design is equipped with a large steel bowl and a small steel bowl mounted on a wooden top. Every dog ​​lover will like to clone this high-end dog bowl model in the eye-catching turquoise yarn color. Here, you need three hairpin legs, plywood, pre-adhesive tape, primer, semi-gloss latex paint, a 2-inch paintbrush, two metal dog bowls, and some patience to build it.Dansley Lakehouse

16. How to build a dog feeding station

Using this elevated dog bowl rack to slow down your fast food dog will also help the dog eat easily when experiencing certain medical conditions. These supports will make it easier for pet friends to reach the bowl for food. Therefore, creating this smart DIY dog bowl with a bottom is also a hidden storage space. Therefore, you can plan the entire model to store and feed dog food. You need a simple skill level and a cheap budget of $40 to build it.This old house

17. Dog bowl in vintage suitcase

Retro suitcases have also been upgraded to make instant and beautiful dog bowl racks without becoming a bit expensive. Here, you only need to install a wooden board on the top of the old suitcase to create this cute dog bowl rack. Cut large holes in the plate to fit the steel bowl, which will also help manage your dog food supply. Don’t forget to use customized legs to complete the stunning style statement. The easiest and fastest DIY dog feeder can be built immediately.image

18. DIY pet bowl rack

Also ask your pet friends to use this super handsome hand-made dog food station model, which also comes with a dog food storage. The design looks completely professional and commercial, but it can be easily realized with minimal production skills. You need plywood, drawer handles, drawer slides, pocket screws, tacks and wood glue to build this very beautiful wooden dog bowl rack model. The best handmade gift for dog lovers.Build things

19. Concrete and wood dog food table

Use this very beautiful dog bowl rack to make your dog super comfortable when eating and swallowing food. The design is an exciting combination of cement and wood and will be completed very quickly. Use 2x8s to build the entire wooden base, and then use concrete to build this sturdy choice for dog bowl racks. You will also need melamine panels, matte polyester finishes and wood dowels to complete the excellent design of this dog feeding station.textbook

20. 3 Dog bowl rack

Get a video instruction on how to make a 3 bowl pet food rack here. It is equally beautiful for dogs and cats, but it may be slightly different. Use 2×2 boards or slats to build the entire base of the model. Next, you can finish it with a cute wooden top with beautiful bowl holes. This pet stand is very beautiful, you can consider it as a great homemade gift for friends who like pets. Paint and dye it the way you like for outstanding appeal. YouTube

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