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35 free DIY dog house plans with step


35 free DIY dog house plans with step-by-step diagrams


Do you have a dog?These 35 free DIY dog house plans Build a dog house at home to make the dog’s life easier! Do you remember seeing such a house in a cartoon when you were a kid? This is a place where dogs hide snacks and live a peaceful life!These Doghouse It was a big event decades ago! Now, people are just used to keeping dogs at home.If you want to put your dog outside your house, even bring some cute dog house decorations in, or just want to treat your shoe uppers with something new, these Free dog house plan and material checklist It is the perfect guide you can follow.

If your friend or relative has just raised a new dog and you plan to meet him, this might be a great gift! Because it is thoughtful, beautiful, and amazing! Make sure they have a nice backyard where it can be placed. For example, if it is an apartment balcony, make a smaller one.This article will cover a series of free DIY dog house plan, From plywood to pallet; from country to modern; or from A-frame to barn door; from insulation to interior. Versatility is always appreciated, right?So let’s delve into these Dog House Project.

The best and simplest dog house plan is here:

Use these free dog house plans to build your dog’s own house, which includes floor plans, step-by-step construction instructions, and materials/cutting lists with PDF downloads.

Wooden pallet dog house:

How easy it is to build a dog house with a pallet, we are here to bring this DIY pallet dog house step by step tutorial, which will guide you through all the operations. ! Pallet Dog House

1. Snoopy Dog House

Recycling is definitely the best part of this amazing project!You really don’t need to buy new wood for this absolutely amazing DIY dog house! Only two removable boxes are needed-the size depends on the size of your dog -! Packing tape, spray paint, and other supplies are also needed.Weibo

2. How to build a dog house

If you like woodworking, there is absolutely no better choice than trying these amazing beginner dog house plans. And this construction cost is less than 200 dollars! You only need to spend money to buy three sheets of plywood. In addition, a pavilion will also add a nice look and some shadows!Sunset

3. Dog house using plywood

How to build a dog house? A piece of plywood and other materials such as markers, tape measures, squares, circular saws, puzzles, drills, blades, nails, paint, stains and other supplies, you will need to nail it successfully Simple DIY dog houseIn addition, it also comes with a dog nameplate, and you can also use a blanket to decorate the house!HDTV

4. Wooden Dog House Tutorial

Wood is not only a strong material that makes the entire house durable, but also aesthetically pleasing. This DIY doghouse solves two problems! Isn’t this the best thing ever? A table saw, drill bit, miter saw, screwdriver, and other tools are required.Dear studio

5. DIY modern dog house

This is another super cool DIY dog house because it is made of cedar fence! This kind of wood is certainly a better choice when creating beautiful things.And this Scandinavian dog house It can also be matched with a solar fan! Most importantly, the total price will be around US$120.marvelous

6. Pallet Dog House

Who knew you could make such a beautiful thing with simple pallet wood? Due to its shape and roof garden on top, it is aesthetically pleasing! Although the roof garden is optional, it definitely makes good use of wooden pallets!HDTV

7. Dog house with barn door

If you have made a tree house for your child, why not turn your pet into a tree house too?Here is one DIY dog house It is similar to a tree house and is placed on a platform to provide the height of the house.In addition, you will need plywood, bread paneling, roof paneling and some other supplies to build this DIY doghouse. hapiness

8. A-Frame Dog House

Isn’t the A-frame the most iconic shape you can think of? Some people say that dogs feel safer in a small space, and the A-frame will be perfect! You need brushes, manual staplers, miter saws, hammers, clamps and some other supplies to remake for furry friends! hgtv

9. DIY Breeze Dog House

Make your furry friends feel safe and comfortable in this absolutely stunning breeze dog house idea! Its design is very easy to customize-add a fluffy bed of your own choice, and then make a name logo for your little pet! Sun visors can also add more charm to this plan.Shanty Town 2 Chic

10. Modern dog house

The characteristic of this small and modern wooden dog house is that it is insulated! If the area you live in tends to become super warm or super cold, don’t worry! Check out this amazing free dog house plan, it is very heavy and large. Miter saws, table saws, and other tools are required.Wood workshop

11. Insulated dog house

Do you live in a very cold area?If so, then this Insulated DIY dog house Perfect for you! You can also use it the other way around. Breeds like huskies can survive in cold weather, while breeds like Dalmatia can survive in hot weather-heat preservation works well for them.

12. Build a dog house

Every dog ​​should own a house that will make it feel safe and able to tolerate piles of dirt, dirt and wet fur! So, what is the perfect material to make something strong and strong? Yes, you guessed it! Cedar is used to make this doghouse!Futaba

13. DIY living roof dog house

Everyone goes through a stage where they just want to add plants at home. Are you also going through the plant mother stage? Well, let’s take a look at this idea! You can customize it at any time and make it more minimalistic. The roof is full of plants and there are some very beautiful things inside!Sign

14.DIY dog house with porch

Need some big dog house plans? Does this look like the best version of a real dog house? It looks really real, and the best part is-the porch! Your dog will love its spaciousness and hugeness. How to build a dog house with a porch? The construction of this dog house requires miter saws, table saws, wood, nails, screws, and other tools and materials.Build things

15. Mobile dog house

This is a mobile dog house plan that can be easily completed! No one wants the final result with an inappropriate size, so please take accurate measurements! Lawn mower wheels, hinges, paint, liquid nails and some other supplies will be needed. The final size is approximately 600 mm x 750 mm x 1100 mm.textbook

16. Indoor Dog House

This DIY indoor dog house Very practical. First, you can use it as a furry friend’s home and bedside table at the same time! Secondly, it has such a beautiful carpet on the bottom, which can provide the ultimate comfort for your precious pet!Martha Stewart

17. DIY cardboard dog house

Is your dog always excited to go to the beach with you? You can make a simple DIY dog house inspired by the beach for your beach lover dog! Your pet will love it very much and it is very good for you! After all, these precious creatures will notice all the good things you do for them. Find this dog box plan craftsbycourt here

18. Two-door dog house

First of all, this plan is very spacious, so your dog will love it, it has 2 doors, so if you have 2 dogs, it is of course ideal! Secondly, it is very simple and easy to implement-a very suitable project for beginners. In the end, you only need some supplies-plywood, rafters, asphalt shingles, nails, roof nails, heating lamps, etc. smartdo

19. DIY crooked dog house

Compared to others Dog House Project, This has a curved shape, which perfectly matches the animation theme! The final size of your house is approximately 34 inches x 42 3/4 inches!Outer plywood, veneer nails, wood glue, wood screws, wood and some other supplies needed for the project: white

20. Homemade Dog House

why is it like this Wooden dog house plan marvelous? It is made of plywood, which is a very strong material, and it has a fully covered shed to protect your dog from rain and snow! It can also be moved easily! Yes, it is made in such a way that you can easily carry it with you-from indoor to outdoor, from car to home, etc.

21. Extra Large Dog House

This is a very suitable plan for those who have large yards or terraces.That’s because of this DIY dog house It takes up a lot of space-it is perfect for “big” dogs! Miter saws, table saws, screwdrivers, thick styrofoam, drill bits, and other tools and materials are required.How expert

22. Ultralight Dog House

If you are a person who doesn’t like to move heavy objects or have back problems, it is a good thing to minimize the weight of the dog house. How can you do this? Just use lightweight but strong and stable materials-follow this plan to learn more!textbook

23. Dog house outside the tray

Why spend a lot of money on other materials when you can build a house for your child using only pallet wood? You will need paint, miter saws, table saws, pallets, drill bits and some other basic supplies to successfully complete this project.Star eye

24. Handmade open-air doghouse

Not all dog houses need to be closed. Some dogs will feel claustrophobic because of this, so you can build such an open-air house for them! This will give them the opportunity to run around and stay active in and around their space. In addition, it can protect them from extreme weather! Find this simple dog house plan diynetwork here

25. Bucket to the Dog House

Compared to others Dog House Design, This plan is completely simple and cheap. It is very easy to build a dog house using plastic buckets! Maybe you have already spent a lot of money on dog food, or you just have the right budget these days. No matter what the situation, if you want to save some money-check out this plan! You only need a bucket. Cut a hole in it and you are ready to go!Ladies House

26. Log House Dog House

Isn’t this the strangest thing you have seen in this guide? It’s super cool, and the tiles at the bottom make it look beautiful! Start by measuring your pet, because you don’t want to end up with something that is not the right size! It takes about 1 day to complete, and the skill level is medium!Homemade network

27. DIY plywood dog house

18mm thick plywood is used to build this beauty! Is it simply too beautiful? The best part of it is that it has a detachable felt roof that allows your dog to dry up or breathe. This is also a good solution for claustrophobic dogs who have been struggling to survive in a small space for a long time!carpenter

28. Dog theater out of the box

Isn’t this the cutest thing you have ever seen? This simple DIY dog house is absolutely amazing for the environment, because you can make it out of cardboard. In addition, it is suitable for small dogs, because large dogs do not fit in a box, and cardboard is not the most durable material. A ruler, pencil and some other supplies are needed.Tateto Sangelo

29. DIY medieval dog house

Woodworkers are also involved in this beautiful Mid-Century Dog House Project! You can easily integrate it with other furniture and themes! It can be used as an indoor or outdoor plan! Use pine plywood with pine 2 x 4 boards!inspiration

30. Dog house use tray

Does your pet always play in the snow? Well, they may feel a little cold sometimes. In this project, wool is nailed to the frame to provide a wind barrier? Isn’t this the best thing ever? Pallet wood is also the best…

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