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40 amazing DIY toys for you to make your own toys at home


40 amazing DIY toys for you to make your own toys at home

Are you ready to take a look at these DIY toys? Although most of these DIY toys are focused on children, adults can also enjoy them. While enjoying the little things in life, it is very important to keep your inner child alive and have fun. You can play with these fun homemade toys and have a good time with your kids! When your child grows up, you will look back on these precious moments and smile! It’s really important to spend time with your baby and leave a lot of memories! Your children will always remember their childhood, make it worth remembering! These interesting DIY toys are perfect for adding color and brightness to your baby’s life!

Find these 40 simple DIY toys that are versatile and unique. Every baby has different interests, so making your own toys is suitable for almost anyone! why is that? This is simply because this guide covers many different types of toys-from boats to stuffed toys; from simple to colorful; or from dollhouses to cardboard playhouses; from story books to car games; from kitchen utensils to doctor utensils; from Astronaut belts to rocket ships; from wooden robots to cleaning suits. You will find tons of different and interesting ideas in this amazing children’s crafts guide! So, are you happy to give it a try? It will be very interesting!

1. Recycled cardboard TV that showcases your child’s art

Is your child very creative and always creates beautiful new artworks? Okay, so it’s a good idea to show it to everyone! This is an excellent DIY recycled cardboard TV that you can use to make. Only some basic supplies are needed-snack boxes, plastic containers, paper tubes, rubber bands, cardstock, etc.

2. Build a toy castle with upgraded cardboard

This is another amazing idea that can keep your child busy for a long time! This is very different from the other DIY toys in this guide because it is a toy castle! Need cardboard cans, tape, paint, tall boxes, rolls, craft knives with blades, paintbrushes, markers, pens, scissors, and other tools and materials.beautiful

3. DIY kids doctor bag

If your children dream of becoming a doctor one day and helping humans, this toy is a great way to keep them hopeful and help them never forget their dreams! Large pieces of yarn, knitting needles, fabric and some other supplies will be needed. You need to be familiar with the basics of weaving for this particular project.Homestead

4. DIY toy kitchen

It is scientifically proven that children usually like to imitate adult parents when playing! You can make your kids a magical kitchen and help them use their imagination! It is super cute and can be easily placed in the corner of their room. The project is very detailed, you will make towels and pans for refrigerators and ovens!Really cute

5. DIY toddler toy cleaning kit

This is another DIY toy that can be made for a toddler, he or she will love it very much! Does your baby always cry when you get up to clean the room? Well, now the little guys can help you clean the house and keep busy! Isn’t this the best thing ever? You can customize this item by changing the color, etc. abubblylife

6. Children’s self-made robot toys

Over time, robots have become more and more normal for our generation. You can let your child know a wooden robot buddy from an early age! Blocks of wood, waste wood, wood glue, heavy rope, pen wood burning, drill bits and some other basic supplies, you need to recreate this cute robot!Adventure in the box

7. Make sponge boat toys

Who knew that such a cute boat toy could be made from a simple sponge? You can use the sponge already in the kitchen to transform it into this toy! Don’t throw away the owl sponges, save them and make these for your little ones! The logo can be customized according to your needs!Craft train

8. Star Confetti Fairy Stick

Little girls always dream of becoming fairies! This is a cute fairy stick that you can make for the girl in your family or life! This can also be given to older women, because who doesn’t want to have these cute confetti sticks? They are absolutely perfect for decorating your home! You can use them as displays in any corner.Vibrant life

9. Hungry fish filled with animal patterns

This is another project you can try in your free time; however, you definitely need to be familiar with the sewing of this project. Wool, felt cloth, sewing machine, glue and some other tools and supplies are necessary to make this kind of beauty. Your child can store all the toys in this stuffed animal toy after playing!Gua Sha

10. Fireflies glowing in the dark

Don’t you just like these fireflies that glow in the dark? Not only do they look super cute, but they are also easy to make! You can make them into pale pink or customize them to change the atmosphere! It’s so cute, it will light up when the light is turned off! You can also use this to teach your kids to recognize fireflies!Handmade charcoal

11. DIY wooden game phone

The wooden game phone was a product from the early 2000s and was a great way to teach your children about communication methods before the advent of smart phones! You can also use it as a prop for taking photos or as a cute showcase! Your little one will like to imagine this beauty!beautiful

12. How to make a touch book for your baby

It is really important to cultivate his sensory neurons as he grows up! A touching book will be very suitable for him to develop his senses and distinguish different materials. This cool touch book requires window screens, pink bubble film, gift wrapping paper, Sherpa fabric, double-sided sequins and some other supplies!Homestead

13. Macaroni box camera

The packaging of macaroni boxes is usually different from many others! You can use these types of boxes to make these cute crafts! These cameras are so cute, your kids will love to take imaginary pictures on them! You can also use it as a baby photo shooting prop, because it is very beautiful!Handmade charcoal

14. DIY Waldorf Kite

The Waldorf kite is definitely a very unique item among all the other DIY toys in this guide. You will need many different colored ribbons and round hoops to make this project a success! If you have the tools, it’s actually easy to recreate-just fold the ribbons over the hoop and knot them all.Akamatra

15.Fill the sea turtle sewing pattern

All types of children like plush toys because they are soft, comfortable and fun to play with! This tortoise will be your child’s best hug companion because he is very friendly and cute! You can use several materials to make this turtle-poly fiber, black felt waste, white felt waste, wool fabric, sewing supplies, etc.

16. How to close the box game

Close the box game is a game that almost anyone of any age can enjoy! This is a game that you can play while drinking tea with friends in the evening! You will like this game because it is fun to play! You only need some basic supplies and tools that can be found in any market.Really cute

17. Wooden Puzzle

This is a very suitable project for young babies because it helps them develop their senses and become smarter as they grow up! This project consists of several shapes and a mold! You only need some basic supplies to make this amazing project-it’s very easy and fun to make! So, are you ready to have fun?textbook

18. DIY letter magnet board

Letter magnet boards are very similar to Scrabble games because they can help your child develop his brain and understand English. This beauty requires wooden circles, letter stickers, mod podge, paintbrushes, magnets, epoxy resin, metal plates, hot glue guns, fabrics, and other materials. Start by pasting letters.Thoughtful

19. Children’s soft baby blocks

Although it is important for your children to have a rich imagination, it is also important to build up their logical awareness as they grow up. This is a soft block idea that can be used for your child to learn the alphabet! You can make 26 for each letter, and then teach your kids basic English!Actual function

20. Make your own toy camera out of wood

Who knew that a simple camera could be made of wood? This is a cute wooden camera toy that turns out to look so cute and fun! You can stick tape on the wooden area and put a belt on the side so that your baby can easily carry it while playing! It can be hung on the neck or shoulder.Dekotopia

21. Simple DIY Yard Dice Yard Yahtzee

Summer is coming soon-this means it’s time to find a way to spend more time with your kids in the backyard! These yard dice can be made with some simple materials-miter saw, mod podge, bucket, electric sander, wood stain, white vinyl-perfect for achieving your goals!Love and innovation

22. Water meter with fountain and sprayer

The next season will be the best time to enjoy this magical sprinkler with your children! Summer may be very hot, you can keep your child cool by making this magical sprayer, which can pump out cold water and make the next season a very memorable one for your child! Are you excited?Actual function

23. Ring tossing game perfect for garden parties

The ring tossing game is super fun, your baby will love this game! Next time you have a family gathering with your friends or just attend a toddler’s birthday party, this will be the ideal game for you to take with you! It keeps toddlers busy, and you can spend time with friends!Cunning tenderness

24. DIY Box Doll House

Many children like the idea of ​​owning a dollhouse, let the doll do whatever they want in a cute little house! You can use some of the supplies that you may have in your home to make this aesthetic-boxes, waste cloth, hot glue guns, paper, lace, recycled materials, beads, match boxes, gift boxes, medicine boxes, etc. beafunmum

25. Children’s card wheel DIY

Almost everyone likes to play card games because they are cool and relaxing. However, children’s attention span is short and it is difficult for them to play cards. You can make these bright and vibrant cards to attract them and keep them playing longer! This is also a great way to spend quality time with your family. deliacreates

26. Ladybug plush animal sewing pattern

This pattern involves sewing, so if you are going to recreate this cute ladybug-make sure you know how to sew! This project also requires a sewing machine and some other fabrics for the body! This beautiful stuffed ladybug can be given to babies or used as a beautiful display!Gua Sha

27. Homemade Boy Jetpack

If your child dreams of getting old and becoming an astronaut, then this is the perfect jetpack for giving birth! You only need some of the supplies you are most likely to have in your home-a sofa bottle, spray paint, hot glue and glue gun, tissue paper and a wide ribbon. You can use any color spray paint you want.Sugar spice and glitter

28. Cardboard cone binoculars

Summer is the best time to enjoy with your toddlers and have fun in your own backyard! These cardboard cone binoculars are very easy to make, just use the supplies you already have at home to make them again! Check some insects behind your house and have fun with your baby!Molimo Crafts

29. Let your own child…

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