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8 DIY concrete chandelier, low budget


8 DIY concrete chandelier, low budget

After reviewing their high price tags, concrete chandeliers may become your next production obsession, which is simply unaffordable for people with ordinary incomes. But how to beautify your space with hot concrete on a limited budget? Making designer-style concrete chandeliers at home is the only way you can leave the wood after being disappointed by the high price. Visit these 8 amazing DIY concrete chandeliers, which will bring a modern and industrial chic decoration atmosphere to any room atmosphere. It is very easy to make these sturdy concrete lighting systems; the only difficulty is to make custom molds. Use recycled plastic bottles to make cool and cheap molds. On the bright side, these lights will be very durable and can be used like them for many years.

Let’s face it, if you master the perfect mold, it will be very easy to make a concrete lamp. Just take out the shape after drying, install the light in it, and hang the pendant anywhere in our house. It is very cheap to buy concrete mixes, so try to make all the lights without considering your budget.

1. DIY concrete chandelier

By hanging these chandeliers to bring warmth and elegance to your kitchen, make your kitchen countertops clearer, and accurately complete your kitchen work even at night. In a kitchen with concrete countertops, concrete chandelier will become more beautiful. Use two soda bottles to make it. The complete how-to guide is here checkinwithchelsea

2. Plastic bottle concrete chandelier

Once again, two plastic bottles were used to make a mold for this very beautiful concrete chandelier. When the chandelier with cold lights is hung in it, it will definitely leave a deep impression. These concrete chandeliers will dangle above the kitchen countertop and dining table. Step by step instructions here brit

3. Modern DIY concrete chandelier

This chandelier can also illuminate any table or kitchen countertop, and also uses a plastic funnel as a mold made of concrete. After you get a decent funnel-shaped concrete lampshade, install the lamp kit on it. The lamp kit here also comes with a metal funnel, which is easy to put in. The complete visual tutorial is curbly here

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4. DIY homemade concrete chandelier

Another most beautiful concrete chandelier, which can be hung indoors to create a stunning lighting effect. Use two plastic bottles, one large and one small, to make a mold for the chandelier, and then fill the mold with concrete to obtain a dry concrete chandelier shade. Install the light kit and use it to decorate your space.Homemade modern tutorial is here

5. Industrial style chandelier

A mini but super cute chandelier that can be made at home without being a bit expensive. It is hung high up by colorful ropes. Use a custom cylindrical mold to make a concrete backing, put a long light bulb in it, and let it beautify your space. Connect the power cord from the back of the concrete cover, and then you’re good to go. The full tutorial is here remodelista

6. Use concrete and plywood chandeliers

Cut out circles from the plywood, and then use flexible wood wall panels to add along the plywood circles to create a circular shape with sufficient internal depth. After getting the large concrete ring as the chandelier board, cover the back of it with a plywood ring, and use a plexiglass ring on the front. Add lights and hang heavy metal chains and hooks.How-to details here

7. Cute DIY concrete chandelier

Have you mastered the hands of using plastic bottles as molds to make exquisite concrete chandelier shades? Then use the technology again to make this concrete chandelier, which will be the perfect and charming lighting decoration for any home interior decoration. A great choice for modern interior lighting. The complete video tutorial is here youtube

8. How to make a concrete lamp for less than $10

Making concrete lights for homes is not an expensive task; you can also make great works for less than $10. This modern concrete lamp structure is to use plastic cups and paper to make a lamp mold, and then set it at an angle to obtain a sharp cutting edge. Video tutorial is here youtube

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