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15 best DIY piggy bank ideas


15 best DIY piggy bank ideas


Recently, we have been trying to teach our children how to save money. Of course, we keep it simple, but part of our effort is to discuss with them that only part of their pocket money is spent, and part of it is saved for future use. This is why we are always looking for great DIY piggy banks that we can make and use together to make the whole process more practical and interesting.

If you also want to start helping your child save change, check out these fantastic ideas, designs and tutorials to learn about fun homemade piggy banks!

1. Paper Plate Frog Bank

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Of course, when we thought of doing something with our children, even though learning how to save is not necessarily a typical crafting opportunity, we decided to try the supplies we already had in our crafting room. That’s why we are so happy to find this idea from Simply Today Life to make a fun little frog bank with paper plates!

2. Silly’stache jars

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Mason jars are just one of the items you can clean, preserve, and use in about a million ways.That’s why we always catch them until we need one because we always One thing is finally needed! Of course, the mason jar can be made into a decent piggy bank, just like you cut a seam on the lid, but we think this idea from home crafts adds slimy eyes and a mustache to make things more interesting .

3. Shadow Box Bank

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If you want to bother to make a DIY piggy bank, are you more willing to create something with a little motivational element? Then we think you will get a place in these shadow banks of A Mom’s Take! They will show you how to place a relevant picture of what you are trying to save, such as going to a specific place behind for a vacation, where you will see it, and each time you will be reminded how much you want that thing Put some change.

4. Water bottle airplane piggy bank

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If you are a piggy bank for your children rather than yourself, things like holidays may not be the best way to motivate. We happen to think that our kids might do better with a bank in the shape they really like! That’s why this cute airplane piggy bank has caught our attention! Bright Nest teaches you step by step how to make a simple flat-shaped bank with a water bottle and some paper.

5. Interesting shape coffee bank

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Have you really been browsing our list all the time, hoping to find something more subtle or minimalist that you might put on the sideboard for yourself instead of tacky designed just for your kids? Well, if you are a coffee drinker and can use an empty can, then you have almost everything you need to make this simple hand drawn bank from Cut Out and Keep!

6. Giant mail tube pencil piggy bank

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Maybe you are actually looking for an idea in the market that can help your child create a fairer idea more More tacky than something you see so far? Then we are absolutely sure that you will like Damask Love’s use of size to create some novel ways. Check out their tutorial to learn more about how they made this giant pencil piggy bank from a large mailing tube!

7.Handy Hamm Piggy Bank

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Are you still interested in the idea of ​​making a piggy bank modeled on something your child really likes, but would you rather be a movie character than just a thing?Well if they ever Toy Story Fans like us, then we think you might be successful with this cute Handy Hamm piggy bank that is gradually outlined in the Disney family! They show you how to achieve it with a big can, some paint, and your pulp technology.

8. DIY felt piggy bank

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Are you actually just looking for a small space to store occasionally scattered coins, not a place to store all your change for a long time, just to put them at the bottom of your wallet or pocket?Then maybe you want to see how Dream a Little Bigger makes this funny little felt coin purse Forming It’s like a piggy bank!

9. Stamped Mason Jar Piggy Bank

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Just in case, when we started talking about the simple idea of ​​making a mason jar piggy bank with a bit of etiquette, we really caught your attention, but the mustache idea we showed you before didn’t really appeal to you, here There is a great choice! See how the Duke and Duchess used some simple template techniques to create a negative space letter quote on the surface of a cheerful, brightly colored jar library.

10. Aquarius Triple Bank

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When you set out to make a piggy bank to help your children learn to save, do you really want to encounter something based on overall money management?In this case, we think you are just must Take a look at how It Still Works created this wonderful triple bank, which contains parts for saving, spending and even sharing. It is more like a useful teaching device than just an ordinary piggy bank!

11. Mason jar superhero piggy bank

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Just in case you have not completely finished the idea of ​​making a mason jar piggy bank, but you are still looking for a theme real Attract your kids and encourage them to use it. For superheroes and comic lovers in the room, this is a great alternative idea! Get more detailed information on Superman, Batman, and others themed banks on Firefly and Mud Cake.

12. Glittering dollar store piggy bank

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Do you really already own a classic piggy bank, and you are trying to encourage your kids to use it, but you can’t help thinking that if it looks a little more fashionable, they will like it better? In this case, we think you will really get real fun from Greta’s Day, because Greta’s Day adds some highlights to their changing savings habits by completely shining their way! Their tutorial shows you how to properly seal your coin so that every time the coin is ejected from the slot, it does not sparkle everywhere.

13. Wooden stand and jam jar

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Have we really caught your attention by making the idea of ​​making a triple bank with different parts, but you are the kind of person who likes to decorate and are more willing to create something that is more suitable for the rest of your room. Compared to the displayed water bottle?In this case, we think you are just must See how Homemade Ginger makes this small jam jar version, but with a handmade and painted wooden frame, it brings a little colorful rustic chic.

14. Gravity coin sorting machine

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Are you the kind of person who can save your change effortlessly but can’t take it to the bank for cashing because you can’t bear to sort the coins to roll them? In this case, we are pretty sure that this unique piggy bank from Instructables may solve your problem! They showed you how to make a very simple coin sorting bank that uses coin size measurement and gravity to put coins into the correct sorting slot, and only gravity is used when you put them on top. It’s like a craft, a rescue strategy, and One physics class, all in one place!

15. Wall-mounted coin vault

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Have you really been browsing our list and want to know how much you like the idea of ​​making a shadow bank that we showed you before, but you can’t help but hope that the design has a more gorgeous decorative appeal? In this case, we think you might be the best person to try to outline this miniature metal painted wall-mounted coin bank on Lovely Greens!

Before you really like this process, have you made other kinds of great DIY piggy banks, but you haven’t seen them on our list? Tell us about all the content you created and how you made it, or link us to photos of your completed work in the comments section!

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