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15 Cool Ways to Make Your Own Pom Pom!


15 Cool Ways to Make Your Own Pom Pom!

First, we must apologize.The truth is, this isn’t a “how to” article about making pom-poms, it’s a resource for you to use find out How to make pom-poms the way that works for you!You see, we sat down to write you a “how to”, but when we actually thought about it, we realized we knew many Production Method pom poms If you ask a roomful of yarn work enthusiasts which way is best, they’ll all tell you something different. We’ve found that the best strategy is actually to have all the different approaches in one place, so you can try them out for yourself and see what works best.

Without further ado, here are 15 easy ways to make a classic pom-pom (mostly with yarn)!

1. Cardboard template method

View in gallerycardboard template method

Homemade Gifts Made Easy recommends using cardboard cut out and folded into a specific arch shape to make the best pom-poms! In fact, they swear by the shape so much that they actually provide you with a template here to make sure you can make your own properly before you start making the pom-poms. Cut it off, bend the ends, and start wrapping your yarn around the arch.

2. Fork method

View in gallerybifurcation

The fork method is great for making small to medium pom-poms, depending on how many times you wrap the yarn. The more you wrap it, the denser and thicker your pom poms will be. Wind your yarn over and over all four pliers until you’re happy with the size of the pom-pom, then cut a long piece of string and wrap it around the middle of the pom-pom between the two center pliers, Pull hard and tie the knot. Cut the edge with external pliers, loosen it up, and voila! Instructables give you step by step pictures.

3. Double toilet paper roll method

View in gallerytoilet paper roll method

Maybe you wish to make a pom pom larger and denser than the work tongs? Then save several empty toilet paper rolls and place them side by side. Wrap the yarn around the thickness of the two rolls together until you’re happy with the size, then tie the pom poms in the middle between the two rolls so you can cut on the outside of each roll. Get full details on Handimania.

4. Cardboard circle method

View in galleryCardboard Circle Method

Ashlee Marie has another cardboard cut suggestion for you! While they don’t give you the actual template, they do tell you and show you exactly what the shape looks like so you can imitate it yourself. They also emphasize the importance of cardboard cutting to ensure that you can actually slide the pom-pom off and take out the cardboard loop after cutting and loosening the yarn!

5. Hand bag method

View in galleryhand bag method

Would you rather make pom-poms with your hands than use various templates and tools because all you really need right now is a pair of scissors? Well, don’t worry, because that’s also entirely possible! Extend your four fingers and wrap the yarn around them like you’ve seen in every method so far. When it’s time to wrap the middle of the pom-pom before cutting the edge, do it between your middle and index fingers, like Decozilla shows you here.

6. Bulk Pom Pom Method

View in galleryBulk Pom Pom Method

Are you working on a project that involves a lot of pom-poms, or maybe a few Christmas hats for your family, and you all need pom-poms? We think you’ll love learning this way to make them all in one go! Flax and Twine will guide you through the process of tying together all the yarn you need to get the right thickness, tying it tightly at intervals, then cutting it to size as much as you need Pompon.

7. Cardboard clip method

View in gallerycardboard clip

Just in case cardboard is still one of your most used DIY tools, but you’re not too happy with any cardboard stencil method you’ve seen so far, here’s another! It’s similar to the fork method, but you use two thick pliers to wrap and tie between them. See how it’s done on the craft train.

8. Embroidery hoop method

View in galleryembroidery hoop

Did you leave a little embroidery hoop somewhere in your craft room when you were trying to teach your kids needlework and cross-stitch? Then use them as a frame for making pom-poms and use them for other purposes! This time, you’ll wrap the yarn around the outer edge and tie it in the middle of the inside of the frame before cutting it, as Red Brolly did here.

9. Toilet paper slicing method

View in galleryToilet paper roll slicing method

Do you love using toilet paper rolls because they are affordable and easy to use, but now you need pom-poms that are much smaller in size and thickness? Then cut the toll into small pieces and go around it! Try to strike a balance between pulling so hard that the pom-poms have good density and pulling so hard that they crumple parts of the cardboard. Tie it in the middle of the hollow section and cut the yarn on the outside like Red Brolly shows you here!

10. Card peeling method

View in galleryCard method

Are you looking for the easiest way because your goal right now is just to teach your kids the basics of how to make a pom pom before you use a different method or figure out which method they prefer? Well, other than yarn and their hands, all you need is a strip of thick cardstock or thin cardboard! Red Ted Art shows you how to do the rest.

11. The 60 Second Global Law

View in gallery60 Seconds Global Law

Maybe all you really need is a giant novelty pom-pom and you don’t care much about fullness or density as long as you have a decent size? Then see how Handcrafted Charlotte uses a whole wad of yarn to make a giant pom-pom, just tie it tightly in the middle and cut it off! The result is looser and less dense than some other methods, but surprisingly large and unwieldy.

12. Fur Pom Pom

View in galleryfur pom poms

Have you been going through this list hoping we’ll finally show you how to make pom-poms out of faux fur fabric? Well, it’s finally here! This post on Pinterest suggests cutting a large loop through the fabric, putting some filling in the middle, and threading a small needle thread around the outer edge so that when you pull the thread, it gathers the material inward to create a ball of filling around. Voila, a fluffy pom-pom!

13. T-Shirt Pom Pom

View in galleryT-shirt pom-poms

Maybe you love pom-poms so much that you want to try making them out of various materials? Then grab your old shirt, because Craftaholics Annonymous is here to guide you through the process of making a large, curly pom-pom from strips of old t-shirt material. We love the size and texture of the finished product.

14. Tissue pom-poms

View in gallerytissue paper pom poms

Are you looking to add unique pom-poms to your party decor, but you need a lot of them and would rather get it at a more affordable price than buying a lot of yarn, but you also don’t have that many old t-shirts. now? Then tissue paper is definitely your answer. Tara Denis shows you how to make them, fluff them up, and hang them around like cute peonies.

15. Tulle Pom Pom

View in gallerytulle pom poms

Maybe you’re working on a particularly girly project and you really want to look whimsical and feminine? Then tulle is about to become your best friend! No matter what color you use to make them, if you follow the Melrose family’s tutorial, your tulle pom-poms will be nice and dense.

You know someone who’s been trying to figure out the best way to make a pom-pom, but they haven’t really started practicing yet? Share this article with them so they know all the options before they waste any yarn!

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