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15 interesting DIY piggy bank ideas


15 interesting DIY piggy bank ideas


Now that our children are big enough to count and express their need for something in the store, we decided it was time to start helping them understand the value of money; about saving, spending, earning, and using it wisely. As part of this plan, we decided to help them make their own piggy bank so that they have a place to store the pocket money we are about to provide to them! We hope that getting them to start working at a young age will help them feel more responsible and also teach them the value of their own work. However, we also want to make sure to make things interesting, so we have been paying close attention to great DIY piggy bank ideas, which will help inject creative elements throughout the process.

Best DIY Piggy Bank Project

Are you as keen on the idea of ​​making a piggy bank for your children or for your children as we are so that they have a place to start their first small savings account? Check out these 15 great ideas, designs and tutorials, which we have encountered so far when looking for inspiration and guidance.

1. Glittering dollar store piggy bank

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Is your child the kind of happy little person who likes anything shiny? Love Make any craft that involves flashing, no matter what it is? Well, our situation is roughly the same, so we fully understand! This is part of the reason why we are so happy to see this great tutorial from How Was Your Day?. This shows you how to customize a simple and affordable plastic piggy bank from a dollar store and cover it completely with glitter! They will even show you how to seal it all the time so that it doesn’t shine everywhere.

2. DIY cardboard coin bank

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Do you really prefer flashy craft products such as glitter, but you are still committed to helping your children make their own piggy bank, and you think it’s okay because they are more interested in checking things and forming ratios What do they look like? Then maybe you will be more fortunate to help them make a cardboard cube bank like this one detailed on Instructables! This is also a great opportunity for them to start basic lacing projects, which will be sewn well in the future due to the corner edge details. If they really want to add color to the mixture, you can also encourage them to decorate the outside with a marker!

3. Mason Jar Superhero Bank

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Like many other kids, do your kids love superheroes more than all comic lovers of anything else in the world? Well, especially if they like painting projects, then we believe that the next idea of ​​Fireflies and Mud Pies is definitely the best idea for you! This is even a great opportunity to recover a few mason jars from the recycling bin.

4. Pencil-shaped giant cardboard tube piggy bank

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In your home, do interesting novelties usually give you the best results in any area of ​​life and teaching, especially in handicrafts? Then we are pretty sure that Damask Love’s next idea, which is too big and almost stupid (which is why we like it) will be popular in your house! Check out their tutorial to learn more about how they used cardboard tubes to make this giant pencil-shaped piggy bank.

5. DIY Pulp Piggy Bank Dinosaur

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If you have never tried to make pulp crafts with your kids before, we regret to tell you that you have indeed missed something very interesting! This is certainly not the cleanest project, but the messy, hands-on nature of using glue to wet paper is worth your child’s satisfaction when they realize that they have made a complete shape with their two hands. This cute paper dinosaur piggy bank project is outlined in exquisite and clear details on the red Ted art, and is a perfect example of what we want to express!

6. Cute plastic bottle piggy bank

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Are you that kind of craftsman? and For your children, they like to turn any project you do into basically an opportunity to upgrade or repurpose something, completely transforming it into something more functional, so that it has a new life?Then we’re pretty sure this guide by Guidecentral will show you how to make a literal theme piggy With the help of some colored paper, removing the bank from the old plastic bottle will be your ideal choice!

7.Handy Hamm DIY piggy bank

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Are we now making you feel dilemma between three different ideas, and you actually have trouble choosing, because you can’t be sure whether your child would prefer to transform a glass jar, make some pulp, or make a look Like a real pig bank? Who said you have Can only choose one? Instead, combine these three elements in one place by trying this tutorial from Disney Family, which teaches you how to make an awesome piggy bank that looks like Handy Hamm. Toy Story Movie!

8. Upgraded Pringles can save money

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Just in case you still have not completely given up on the idea of ​​upgrading things that might be thrown away, but you happen to not have any mason jars, and you prefer something closer to simple cut and paste. Anyway, your kids love hands very much. Crafts, here is an idea to help you reuse simple French fries bathtubs, such as Pringles or Stax! Check out Jennifer P. Williams’ advice on how to decorate your exterior with colored paper, stickers, and your child’s name.

9. DIY quote earth piggy bank

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Maybe the piggy bank you use to save money is actually for you, not your kids?We fully admit that even if we are adults and have work and bank accounts, we Absolutely I still like to put a piggy bank next to it, and we hide the change in it so that we can be kind to ourselves here and there. This is probably why we like this cute wanderlust inspired idea from Un Beau Jour, which uses an old globe to make a quote piggy bank!

10. Pink Clorox bottle piggy bank

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Even if you don’t have recyclable masons or plastic bottles, you can still make some kind of fun, cunning piggy bank from any type of recyclable bottle Do Have it on hand!Whether you use it as a practical guide or just use it as inspiration to design different things of your own, we will really It is recommended to see how Berry Inspired Muse uses pink paint, spool or pink thread and some tulle to turn a (very clean) Clorox bottle into a piggy bank!

11. DIY book piggy bank

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Whether you are actually using the project as a book fund to fund your enthusiastic reading interest, or you are just a nerd who likes the design, because it reminds you of your favorite way of killing time, we think this book is very A great upgrade book with Karen Kavett’s full explanation of banking ideas will resonate with many people! They showed you how to make it with a damaged hardcover book, otherwise it might not be able to be read or preserved.

12. A gold piggy bank

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Are you still thinking about how much you like the idea of ​​turning a certain kind of jar into a piggy bank, but so far you haven’t fully believed in any of the designs on our list? Well, if your child has ever liked rainbows, then the next design of the Playground Park Bench may be more suitable for you! Their tutorial shows you how to make a fun little “golden pot” with colored pipe cleaners arched in a rainbow shape at the top.

13. DIY budget piggy bank

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If you plan to make a piggy bank for your children during the learning process, would you prefer to make it a practical teaching tool to help them stay organized?Then we think you will worship This design from homemade ginger is actually like a three-in-one small bank! Their tutorial shows you how to make a wooden frame to hold three labeled change boxes; one for spending money, one for saving money, and one for charitable donations. This is like an introductory course for children on a budget!

14. Airplane piggy bank

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You are really still wondering how much you like the idea of ​​making a plastic bottle piggy bank with your kids, because this is the simplest idea, you think they can handle it by themselves, but you are just not sure if you can do it Is the shape of a real pig an idea that can catch their attention? Well, if they are machine enthusiasts like my son, then maybe you will be more fortunate to get them excited about making airplane-shaped machines! DC Bapon has all the details you need for your own production.

15. Rolling money bank

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You are actually more of a handy person who likes to build and build things for yourself, because do you like the real feeling? Make Start from scratch with your own two hands? Then we think you might be the best person to try this awesome coin rolling bank from Lovely Indeed! Its purpose is to store the change you want to roll by denomination in one place, and then transfer it to the bank in exchange for banknotes, rather than scattered on the corridor or bedside table when you empty your pockets at the end of the day. This is a great work or woodworker for beginners!

Have you made another great DIY piggy bank that you are really satisfied with and are still using, but you don’t see anything very similar to this one in our list? Tell us about all the content you created and how you did it, or link us to a photo of your completed work in the comments section!

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