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60 simple DIY baby blanket sewing and quilt ideas


60 simple DIY baby blanket sewing and quilt ideas


Do you want your children to be warm and comfortable! Learn how to quickly make a baby blanket by yourself.Just follow these 60 simple DIY baby blanket creative sewing and quilt With detailed free patterns and instructions, you can make unique works for your cute baby.Find this cute and favorite list 60 homemade DIY blanket ideas Keep your child comfortable!After all, there is nothing better than welcoming a child in this world DIY baby blanket. This is a perfect baby shower gift idea that can take away this extravaganza! Making a blanket for your baby is not only a budget-saving thing, but also a heartfelt emotion. Check out our 60 DIY homemade baby blanket ideas below and fall in love with their versatility.

Some require basic sewing techniques that you are already familiar with, and some can even use old T-shirts to make warm baby blankets. Parents must pay attention when using fabrics. Be sure to use soft fabrics so that the baby’s soft skin will not have rashes or allergies! We bet all the love and interesting patterns of our DUY homemade baby blanket, for all moms, these will be invaluable!So for all mothers, grandma and aunts, we collected these Simple baby blanket ideas Steal the show, almost!

1. How to make a baby blanket – 4 sizes

As winter approaches, the time for hunting and making beautiful and comfortable baby blankets has officially begun!Look at this cute, simple and beautiful DIY baby blanket Let your little baby enjoy his old age.Treasury

2. Free baby quilt pattern for beginners

Want to know what is the best gift for a baby shower?Nothing can express love more than this cute and simple thing Baby blanket quilt pattern. If you are a beginner in sewing, you can even do this. Just some beautiful flower pieces stitched together.Coral island

3. Polka dot swaddle blanket

Grab a pure white muslin swaddle blanket and make 3 to 4 colors of paint, potatoes, carrots and paring knives! The dots you see on this baby girl are printed with these vegetables.Sweetest

4. Minky and flannel baby blanket

Make your child the most comfortable blanket ever with our cute Minky and flannel baby blanket DIY blanket ideas for babies. Take 2 yards of flannel or Minky. Get a step-by-step guide from the tutorial.Sister or something

5. 10 minutes baby blanket sewing pattern

Last minute baby gift ideas to save your time! You can finish this blanket in 10 minutes. You only need a few yards of fabric and start using matching threads. Make a sensational and meaningful gift immediately.Restart mom

6. How to sew a baby blanket

Learn how to sew baby blankets yourself through the online fabric store. Nothing expresses love more than a DIY baby blanket. Moreover, if you have been procrastinating, think it is too difficult. Here are the easiest sewing steps and guides to prove otherwise.Online fabric

7. DIY one hour triangle quilt

We love this beautiful and whimsical triangle quilt! It is made by adding a hint of a gradient theme, and you can complete it in about an hour. The secret to making this is to put your hands on a special scoop blanket with a full-size triangle.Looking for sewing machine

8. Make a Minky baby blanket

Check out this Minky baby blanket to keep your baby comfortable, warm and protected from the cold. This DIY Minky baby blanket is super simple and very cheap. You can actually complete the production in as little as 30 minutes. Learn how here.Quilt

Want something more comfortable? This free list of baby blanket crochet patterns is the perfect place to find a complete gift item in the baby shower!

9. Simple baby swaddle blanket pattern

This is another beautiful baby swaddling blanket, it can really be your child’s favorite blanket for a long, long time. This blanket is very suitable for moderate heating temperature and perfect elasticity, and can be snuggled inside!Coral island

10. Self-binding baby blanket tutorial

This self-binding baby blanket will be perfect for your little baby! How to sew a quilt? You will need 1 ΒΌ yard binding and 7/8 yard contrast fabric to make it. As for the sewing project, you need a rotating knife, an erasable ink pen and a sewing machine walking foot.Futon Diary

11. 15 minutes baby mink blanket

We bet on all the happy childhood memories. The best is to snuggle in your soft blanket. Make this comfortable Minky blanket to give your baby the same beautiful memories. It only takes 15 minutes to make.Suvatalicia

12. DIY printed swaddle blanket

How to add a little texture to your DIY homemade blanket! This printed baby blanket can add a minimalist charm to your small room. Maybe it can be done by using some paint and feathers. Get the complete guide from the tutorial.Lovely crafts

13. Super large, double-sided-flannel blanket for babies

Reversible receiving blanket is the best! For example, if you have two, you actually have four. Look at that! You can easily make it with 1 yard Rosebud Minky, 1 yard flannel and thread.Happy hooligan

14. Simple sewing double-sided baby blanket

How about combining two lovely fabrics that complement each other to turn them into this very cute blanket for snuggling. You will use fabric, thread and brown kraft paper. You will need a sewing machine, a sewing needle and scissors.Homemade network

15. DIY 30-minute baby blanket

Create this fluffy, soft and cute blanket in just 30 minutes. To name a few supplies, you will need 2 pieces of fabric, 1 yard each, cutting mat, grid ruler, rotating knife, pins, sewing machine and thread.take care of

16. Self-binding receiving blanket

Looking for the perfect baby gift? For niece or nephew? You can really steal a baby shower with this homemade baby blanket. All you need is a cute blanket and some colorful burp cloth.Sumuchado

17. How to DIY striped quilt

This striped rag quilt can be made using two “jelly rolls”, that is, elongated fabric strips. Which can be used. It is very easy and fun to make this designer inspired and have a designer style carpet quilt. Click on the tutorial to learn more.Sweet people

18. DIY 30-minute baby blanket

Use 2 pieces of flannel fabric, size 42″ x 46″.In just 30 minutes, you can finally produce a warm and Cozy DIY blanket. Put the fabric edges together and sew them together all the time.Patchwork

19. How to sew a baby quilt for beginners

Place your hands on a baby quilt-sized fabric panel, Β½-yard coordination fabric, Β½-yard coordination fabric for quilt binding, baby quilt size, polyester quilt batting, fabric adhesive spray, and pins.Self introduction

20. Making hugs + flannel baby blanket

Prepare a perfect cute bag for your baby! It can be made easily by forming a wide and continuous border and wrapping a larger flannel-lined square. Get a detailed step-by-step guide from the tutorial.Sewing home

21. Color DIY baby blanket

This DIY baby blanket sewing pattern Bright and colorful, but like a complete package! It has these soft and cheerful comfortable ears, a perfect nose suitable for a comfortable hug, and hands suitable for a hug. Bright green wool is charming, isn’t it?Sewing toys

22. Make your own swaddling blanket

Not just one or two, but make your own colorful swaddle blankets. These can also make heartfelt and beautiful gifts, and the beautiful gestures behind them will win the hearts of the receiving parents. Click on the tutorial to learn more.Pursojo

23. Beautiful ruffled baby blanket

Make this super cute ruffled baby blanket for your little ones, keep them warm and comfortable, and welcome the coming winter. You can use 1.5 yards of fabric to make it, here you can get the details of this dreamy floral texture, needlework and sewing machine.Sweet red pop

24. Heirloom tailored chenille baby blanket

This tutorial features this exquisite 45″ x 45″ heirloom chenille blanket. It looks fascinating, and its details and texture are so priceless that it can disappear in your home for many years! See how to bring this beauty home here.Aesthetic nest

25. How to sew blankets for babies

If you plan to win the best gift at this year’s baby shower, Cutesy Crafts will make this extremely simple baby blanket for you! Use 2 flannels, thread, cutting mat and rotating knife, sewing machine and a hook.Lovely crafts

26. Making patchwork baby blanket

Check out this beautiful and cute patchwork baby blanket! Although it may give a real feeling to the quilt, this is not the case here. It is actually just a comfortable and beautiful baby blanket at the same time.Noodle

27. Ric Rac Receiving Blanket

Get 1.5 yards of flannel fabric, 1.5 yards of coordinated flannel fabric, 5 yards rick frame and matching line! Through this tutorial, you can easily make a double-layer receiving flannel blanket.Sewing Wood Tea

28. Flannel baby blanket with satin bread edge

This DIY baby blanket pattern It can be machine washed easily and does not require any other special care. It has two layers of flannel and a stable and firm satin surface combination. Click on the tutorial now to get a step-by-step guide.textbook

29. Simple DIY Ombre Baby Quilt

This gradient baby quilt looks super charming! It looks absolutely soft and the gradient shades give it such a beautiful appearance. You will need 1/4 yards of fabrics in 4 shades of the same tone, binding fabrics and other basic sewing concepts.Sweet side

30. DIY Arrow Baby Blanket-DecoArt ink effect

Is anyone in your family about to give birth? Surprise their babies with this DIY homemade baby blanket. Add a little decorative color to increase its appeal and make it look more beautiful!Whipberry

31. Baby Swaddling Blanket

You can easily find baby accessories in the nearby market, but sometimes they may exceed your budget. The same is true for swaddling blankets. In this case, you can make your own DIY homemade baby blanket to make a comfortable blanket for your baby.Alice Androis

32. Baby gauze swaddle blanket

These swaddled baby blankets made of gauze are great. They are light, warm and breathable, suitable for babies. It will not be too tight when packing the baby, but the fabric is more elastic, which makes it easy for the baby not to feel uncomfortable packing.Let it fall in love with it

33. How to sew a sleepy lazy snuggler

Sloths are basically slow; also the goal behind making this sleepy lazy snuggler. Now you can sew this snuggle in a few simple steps! It can be large in size, but you can wrap your baby perfectly and completely cover the cold.Hello

34. Printed muslin swaddle blanket

Who doesn’t like a small cozy blanket to keep children warm! Add some more charming textures to the blanket by printing some animated or cartoon characters on the blanket. These printed muslin swaddling blankets are perfect for babies this winter.Lovely crafts

35. Cute DIY swaddle blanket

Swaddle blankets are very suitable for wrapping around babies. Make your own cute swaddling blanket with a heart pattern on it. These swaddle blankets require basic cotton cloth and some knitting necessities like this one.Made every day

36. DIY Chevron Chenille Baby Blanket

Winter is coming, why not make something unique for your baby but keep your baby warm. With this DIY homemade baby blanket, the tutorial allows you to make your own Chevron Chenille quilted blanket through a few simple steps.Aesthetic nest

37. Handmade double layer flannel baby blanket

Almost all parents-to-be like to shop for their babies in advance! Sometimes it’s expensive, sometimes you can’t get what you want. Well, with 5 little monsters, you can make your own blanket easily and quickly. 5 little monsters

38. Seamless oversized baby blanket


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