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Easy DIY Crochet Hydrangea


Easy DIY Crochet Hydrangea – Fabric Flowers do a great job

This is such a beautiful project that you might want to try it out this weekend – an elegant and easy crochet hydrangea. We came across this remarkable idea at Where in Wonderland, where you’ll find a ton of inspiring ideas to keep you busy crocheting. What caught our attention with these lovely hydrangeas is how simple and delicate each flower is, but when combined with other flowers, it produces absolutely outstanding results.

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Fabric flowers are all the rage these days as an eco-friendly and long-lasting alternative to fresh flowers. But in our opinion, why is making ordinary store-bought cloth flowers at home not only fun, but more rewarding than purchased flowers?

One simple flower, so many uses

As you can see from the pictures here, these full crochet hydrangeas look great in a vase as home decor. Of course, they can also be arranged in bundled bouquets to give as gifts on any occasion.

View in galleryHydrangea Crochet Ideas Easy DIY Crochet Hydrangea - Fabric Flowers Beautifully Made

View in galleryHydrangea Crochet Flower

These hydrangeas reproduce the most common pink and white variants, although the sky is the limit for your own fabric blooms. From crisp whites to bright blues and wonderful spring yellows, we highly recommend experimenting with color combinations. The single flower itself is easy to crochet and takes absolutely no time, making it the perfect project for newbies and those who need practice.

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You’ll find dozens of other crochet flower ideas on the pages of our site, and we highly recommend combining several to create a unique and charming bouquet. These hydrangeas are truly the essence of spring—perfect for adding color and life to a home at any time of the year.

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