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Fantastic DIY Hammock Style Baby Swing


Fantastic DIY Hammock Style Baby Swing

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What kid doesn’t like swings? Not only does the baby swing provide a gentle rocking motion to soothe and comfort the baby, it also gives mom the time to free her hands.

A few years ago, I used the baby swing to rock my baby to sleep and get rest and peace. We both enjoyed it. I remember a friend of mine gave us a baby swing after my daughter was born and it was my first. My daughter rocked slowly on it and fell asleep quickly. However, it really didn’t work for us anymore as my daughter was growing up so we had to go to the park and go on a swing. It never occurred to me that I could make my own swing until I saw the idea today. This project looks easy to do.

what do you need:

1 inch oak dowel
25′ Nylon/Polyester Blend Braided 5/16″ Rope
steel ring
steel carabiner
rope curl
About 1 yard of outdoor canvas
Some tools: sewing machine, hammer, pliers, saw, drill press
sturdy branches

Check out the link below for a full tutorial on Onesassyhousewife and create a baby swing using your favorite patterns. This handmade baby swing is also a great baby shower gift and you’ll be proud of this DIY!

View in galleryHammock Baby Swing wonderfuldiyB Wonderful DIY Hammock Baby SwingClick here to view the tutorial

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View in galleryHammock Type Baby Swing 2Image credit: Baby-swings

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