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Organize household items in style


Organize household items in style


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We absolutely love the idea of ​​DIY, allowing us to use discarded materials in our homes as they play their part in the larger ‘reuse and recycle’ movement. This simple, neat hack also ensures that we don’t rush to the nearest store to find supplies.Today’s surprisingly simple but very useful idea comes from HGTV Handmade, and they teach you how to put these toilet paper roll easy to use.

These fun ideas are so easy to implement, you can even get your kids involved and maybe they will learn some organizational skills too! We started with a simple jewelry and bead organizer that included small strips of kraft paper, some glue, cotton balls, and a ribbon or two. These super cute organizers are also perfect for those looking for a fun way to keep their jewelry with you on the go.

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Then there’s the toilet paper roll to neatly tuck away any unused extension cords and cords that are making a mess on your worktop. This one doesn’t actually require anything other than the toilet paper roll itself, but you can use kraft paper to make it even more glamorous. Finally, an awesome desk organizer made from tissue boxes, craft paper, and toilet paper rolls.

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Organization Hacks [Video]

So stop throwing away toilet paper rolls and start putting them to better use!

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