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Super stylish Nike


Super stylish Nike-inspired crochet baby booties

If you took the time to browse our archives, you are now a fool for us to buy great baby boots! So it really shouldn’t surprise you, we’re totally blown away by these crochet Nike-inspired baby booties we found in Our Daily Ideas. After all, just because you’re just taking the first step doesn’t mean you can’t, right?

View in galleryNike Kids Crochet Sneakers Super Stylish Nike Inspired Crochet Baby Booties

In our opinion, these crochet cuties are in many ways much better than the real thing. For one, they cost far less to manufacture than an actual pair of Nike retails for. Next, because they’re made from the softest, most snug-fitting yarn from top to bottom, they’re more snug and comfortable than real baby sneakers. Last but not least, there’s nothing more rewarding in the world than a handmade gift for someone you care about – DIY Crochet Booties ticking all the right boxes, and then some.

View in galleryCrochet Baby Sneakers Super Stylish Nike Inspired Crochet Baby Booties View in galleryNike Crochet Baby Sneakers

Free mode available on TheCrafterLife

Of course, the fact that they’re also a breeze to make and a lot of fun at the same time comes with considerable benefits!

nike sneaker pattern

As you can see in the pictures here, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creativity and all kinds of unique designs you can come up with. There are currently no written modes to choose from, but via the link below you will find a great video tutorial that will guide you through every step of the process – it’s really a piece of cake!

View in galleryCoolest Nike Crochet Booties

Amazing Free Mode on Ravelry

View in galleryNike Orange Crochet Booties

View in galleryNike Crochet Sneakers - Boys View in galleryNike Crochet Booties - Boys View in galleryNike Crochet Booties - Girls

View in galleryNike Crochet Booties, Red and White View in galleryNike Crochet Sneakers - Blue and White View in gallerynike crochet sneakers

Available from Etsy store BUBUCrochet from $18 to $22

Besides Nike, what else?

Of course there is nothing to say and you can only follow Nike – you have to agree Converse Inspired Booties Just as cute, even a tad cuter!

View in galleryconverse baby booties

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can let your imagination run wild – be sure to share your thoughts and success stories with our fellow readers in the comments section below.

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