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25 simple DIY chandelier ideas to make your own


25 simple DIY chandelier ideas to make your own


These 25 simple DIY chandelier ideas beautiful! When it comes to home decoration, it is really important to focus on good lighting. Just by changing the lighting, you can really change the overall atmosphere of the living space. Besides, what better way to add good lighting to your house than using a chandelier? However, the chandeliers on the market can be very expensive and do not fully meet your requirements.So you can easily save money by making a DIY chandelier at home. The best part of making chandeliers in the comfort of your home is that you can add many different customizations to them!

How to make a chandelier? This article will introduce 25 simple and decorative DIY chandelier ideas, from indoor to outdoor; or from simple to bohemian; from confetti to floral patterns; from balloons to geometric figures; from chenille to tassels !There are many different Chandelier ideas You can choose, which is a great thing when making a decision. The following has provided you with all the best chandelier ideas-you can choose the one that matches your aesthetic. It will be very interesting to browse these easy-to-make chandelier ideas and choose the one you like. These homemade chandelier ideas are perfect for home decoration, event decoration or any big day you want special!

Look at these excellent 25 simple DIY chandelier ideas and projects This will give you step-by-step instructions to make a cool DIY chandelier at home using recycled materials from your home.

1. Outdoor Chandelier

Look at this exquisite and simple DIY chandelier! It is very beautiful and will make your garden look very dreamy and beautiful.An old chandelier is used here chandelier, Can be found in any thrift store. This plan requires some supplies-an old chandelier, small flower pots, liquid nails, paint, primer, and flowers. Be sure to clean the flower pot before you start to make sure the glue sticks!Simple nature

2. DIY Lola Dutch mobile phone

This stunning chandelier is inspired by a wonderful children’s book called “Lola Dutch”! This piece is decorated with wooden beads and vibrant pompoms! It looks like a movie from Studio Ghibli-definitely a very beautiful work! Need embroidery hoop, wooden beads, yarn, needles, scissors, glue and some other supplies. It is recommended to continue packaging until the required length is obtained.That house

3. Chandelier with giant confetti

Are you planning to host a holiday party at home?So then one Confetti chandelier Something like this would be the perfect choice! It’s so beautiful that it can be hung on the dining table. Requires 24 and 12 inch square pins. In addition, fine twine is needed to hang confetti. Make sure to use heavy-duty twine hangers to balance everything.Talent exchange

4. Balloon chandelier for party decoration

Compared to others 25 simple DIY chandelier designs, This is the best birthday surprise! Indeed, no birthday is complete without balloons! Styrofoam balls, needles, washers, yarn, balloon twisters, long needles and other materials as needed. In addition, you can use a balloon pump instead of blowing by yourself, as this will take a long time. You can customize this interesting chandelier with your own color scheme.That house

5. DIY Bohemian Chandelier

Bohemian style is lace fabric with confetti and other beautiful things-this description perfectly explains this beautiful chandelier! There is a light in the center to light it up! It definitely has a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, the wreath frame, yarn, large sequins, needles, thread and scissors are the only supplies needed to make your own chandelier. Make sure to use two or three different sizes of rings.Lost mom

6. How to make a chenille chandelier

This can be very frustrating when your room looks beautiful, but the lighting does not match the atmosphere. The following is how you can hide your current lamps, but you can create this kind of beauty.For this, you will need a lot of yarn Homemade chandelier– It is best to have two different colors. The required materials are chenille yarn, garland frame, conductor hook and scissors. It is recommended to cut off the pipe cleaners because you do not need them.Lost mom

7. Paper chandeliers in girls’ bedroom

Have you been working hard to add feminine and beautiful beauty to your living space? It is difficult to keep up with the latest trends.Here is one DIY chandelier This will help add some vitality and brightness to your house!Need paper straws, darning needles, hot glue, scissors, cardstock, twine and some other supplies Make a chandelier. Are you a visual learner? There is also a step-by-step photo tutorial available!Design improvisation

8. DIY hanging flower chandelier

Compared to all others 25 simple chandelier ideas, This is the most spent plan! All plant mothers will be attracted by this project! Dried flowers are used for this plan and they can be found in the flower market. This plan requires flower stems, inner rings, transparent thread, needles, small metal rings, scissors and some other supplies. Make sure to cover the entire normal hoop with tape.Sweetest

9. Handmade Bohemian Tassel Chandelier

One of the most beautiful combinations is minimalism and bohemian aesthetics! This chandelier will be suitable for these two beautiful atmospheres. This really connects all the furniture in the living room and looks absolutely amazing! This gorgeous plan requires yarn, picture frames, scissors, rubber gloves, plastic tarps, flower hoops, booty hooks, pliers, grass spray paint, light kits and a few other things.Fool

10. Battery-powered drum shade chandelier with remote control

People who live in apartments or generally cramped living spaces may find it difficult to install a chandelier because of the lack of space.Here is one DIY wooden chandelier This will be suitable for small spaces and looks very simple and beautiful. Need PVC pipe, dot lampshade, rope, wooden base and some other supplies. In addition, if you want to customize it, it is recommended to figure out the shape and design in advance.Toolbox heroine

11. Make beaded chandeliers at home

Do you want to add a relaxed and elegant feeling to your house? Wells, then you definitely need a beading option like in this plan! This project will help you save a lot of money. Re-creation is very easy and only takes about a day to complete. In addition, you can choose to use a cheap bulb because it is not actually visible-this can also help you make money. The total cost is approximately $170.House

12. DIY Minimal Flower Chandelier

Who knew that simple decorations could include floral designs? Indeed, you can use white flowers to make everything look simple and simple. This project requires floral thread, embroidery hoop, artificial flowers, wire cutters, scissors, rope and some other supplies. You need to cut and bend the stem to make it really fit the hoop-this will make it look clean. Use glue gun to make everything easy.Home cooking

13. How to make a round chandelier

Are you addicted to geometric styles and patterns? So, you have come to the right place!This Lighting chandelier It will be the perfect choice to add to the ceiling for the holidays. Spheres, car lights, oil spray paint, primers, zinc warheads, crystal ball prisms, epoxy glue, nuts and some other materials are used in this project. Before starting, you need to check whether the chandy fits the sphere.What home

14. DIY Paper Tube Chandelier

Compared with 25 other DIY chandelier ideas, this is definitely the cheapest and easiest to make! You really need paper and some glue to make this amazing chandelier. First collect supplies-paper, natural colored twine, scissors, hot glue gun, ruler, hole punch, ruler, embroidery hoop and some other materials. Before starting, divide each hoop into two parts.

That house

15. How to make a tassel chandelier

Flanging is a very cool way to make everything look ten times more beautiful. However, it is hard to imagine it being used on a chandelier! Who knew it would turn into this beautiful chandelier? This project requires lampshades, brass lamps, brass pendants, scissors, hot glue guns, clips, tassel decorations and some other supplies. Learn the chain stitch before you start, as it will be used to keep the tassels

16. Indoor Polish chandelier flower pot

There is nothing more beautiful than the combination of flowers and tassels! This beautiful plan also includes some beads to make it look so beautiful and interesting. Cardboard, pencils, craft knives, masking tape, newspaper, baking flour, water, bowls, and collect some other supplies for this project. Before starting to use, make sure to let the pulp dry. The final result is simply beautiful!That house

17. Lace Bohemian Chandelier with Fairy Lamp

Anything can look more beautiful Fairy lights Is part of the plan. This chandelier is hung on the wall with a chain, which looks very luxurious and unique. Instead of using light bulbs instead of this piece, you will only use fairy lights. It has a very light and airy feel-it will look more beautiful during the day! Tassels are made on the side, which looks super cute.Self introduction

18. Recycled paper flower chandelier

Take others as an example 25 unique chandelier ideasIf you are a person who likes to take care of your surroundings, this is definitely the best plan. why is that? This is because this plan is being upgraded through the use of old materials. Green crepe paper, floral templates, glue guns, spray paint, floral thread, wire cutters and other materials can play a role here. If you want a fresh and clean atmosphere, please choose white spray paint.That house

19. Hang a chandelier for your next party

Tired of those beading or confetti plans? If you are looking for something unique and different, this is definitely your plan to follow! It will be perfect for baby showers, engagements and other similar beauty activities. This plan only requires circles, paint, fishing line, tape, scissors, fresh jasmine vines, flowers and some other supplies. It will look beautiful when hung on the ceiling.We are scouts

20. DIY Banana Chandelier-African Party Decoration

The African theme is perfect for your party! However, finding the right type of decoration will be a challenge for you! Instead of going to the market, it is better to follow these interesting chandeliers. This is a banana DIY you can use at parties. Lampshades, old fabrics, paper, rope, fruits, sturdy wire, ribbons and other things play a magical role here. In addition, be sure to use sturdy wires to hang fruits.Gretchen Gretchen

21. Light up the Bohemian chandelier

This is a beauty that looks perfect at a wedding! Weddings usually have a very feminine and girlish vibe-this chandelier will help to add this vibe accurately. Pure cream fabrics, lace fabrics, ribbons, laces, tablecloths, lighting, pearl trims, white feathers and other things are what you need to create this beauty. In addition, you can also add your own custom settings and truly realize your customization.Macmontano

22. Moss Chandelier Garland DIY

This is another plan that will attract all plant moms who read this guide! If you already have a simple and unpretentious atmosphere in your house, this will be the perfect choice to add some color and greenery! First, start with the collection of supplies-artificial moss, hot glue, scissors, pliers, twine, nylon thread, acrylic paint, artificial leaves, etc…

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