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16 homemade DIY board game ideas you can make yourself


16 homemade DIY board game ideas you can make yourself

Playing homemade board games is the best boring nemesis activity. So, why not use creativity to eliminate boredom and fatigue in life? Find these 16 interesting DIY board game ideas, they will cover all the tiny details, allowing you to build customized homemade board games like a professional. Playing board games will be the best time to spend with family and friends. So, browse this list of 16 best DIY board game ideas that will share free plans, tutorials and instructions to build a variety of board games from backgammon to chess to super letter games.

All these DIY board game ideas are modern creative transitions to traditional board games, and you are tired of playing them for many years. It’s time to play these homemade board games to enjoy the party night, guaranteed not to make you bored.

Make precious memory board games to help improve memory. Next, you will find cool suggestions for building a monopoly board game that will create too much fun on the night of the game. In addition, get free plans here to build checkers, tic-tac-toe, guessing and family memory games.

How to make a Lego chess set:

Here is how you can keep your kids busy on weekends with this fun and cool chess game. The twisted part is that the game is made of black and white Lego blocks. Two of the boys’ favorites are combined with this Lego chess, so they will definitely be a hit.Click here for details

DIY game table: Are you a game lover? Building a DIY game table will allow you to enjoy your favorite games in the comfort of your home.

DIY guessing board game:

Make your child’s birthday more special through some handmade personalized games, just like this DIY guessing board game. Using photos of your family, relatives, family and friends, you can easily create this fun game. Children will love this guessing board game.The details here are almost perfect

DIY donut prints:

Looking for interesting themes for your child’s birthday party? Donut is a very cool game with many interesting options. Print this cute and colorful donuts into colorful donuts, you can use them for many party decorations and game projects. Tutorial is here ohhappyday

Create a backgammon game:

You will love this idea of ​​making a backgammon game for young people to make the party more enjoyable. The icing on the cake is that after the party, you can also hang the colorful cute boards of the game as a fun wall decoration.Follow the details here

DIY giant word game with printable game board:

Some not only kill time, but also strengthen the brain. Word games are also one of them. Now you can create your own word games, which is a huge word game with printables. You can easily shape it on the weekend, this is free printable garrisonstreetdesign

Make your own bedroom board game:

Use this bedroom board game to add interest to your bedroom items and play with your husband. You can enjoy this board game with many interesting activities and tasks, so as to really add some fun to your personal space. Board games are also very interesting.Dating heroines for details here

DIY Harry Potter Monopoly:

Harry Potter themed parties are the best and most popular parties, and now you can add more fun to them. With this DIY Harry Potter store, you can make your children have more fun at Harry Potter parties. Not only in parties, but this monopoly game will also be the same on weekends.Tutorial is here

Shapes and colors can be printed board games:

Children have a lot of fun in outdoor games and activities, but they need to indulge in indoor games when it’s not appropriate to go out. This super fun board game with shapes and colors will become a fun tabletop or floor game for your kids. Get details here iheartnaptime

Build your own board game:

Holidays have brought us a lot of family fun. You can improve family fun by following the tips below. Yes, a complete fun and exciting board game can be made and enjoy some fun time with family and friends. Details and description instructables here

Build your own darts:

Game night is the best time you can spend with family and friends. Therefore, make this dart game to arouse more excitement on your game night. The attractiveness of customization is added to the darts and darts with colored flashes.Tutorial is here

Installed DIY board game storage manager:

This is a board game, you don’t need to hide it in a closet, because you can proudly organize it on a warm wall. The back of the board game is treated with a wooden box, where you can place board game items. The game installed on the wall looks very cute and cute.Click here for details

DIY 3D plywood Catan board:

Catan board is very interesting for family gatherings, it comes in many models and versions. The island-themed surfboard of Catan will keep you busy on weekends. Using plywood and some paint, you can install this game to enjoy family time more and more.Tutorial is here

To make a Lego tic chessboard:

Tic-tac-toe is everyone’s best and always favorite, especially children. Now, children can use Lego to make a very cool and more exciting Tic Tac Toe game. The following is the detailed information of making Lego tic tac, which allows you to board the plane with your children at home.Children activities

DIY game board marker coaster:

This DIY game board mug coaster is the best gift to make this Father’s Day and can be used as the perfect gift. It is not only a cute and colorful coffee cup holder, but also a game board that can kill time. You can use some fabrics to easily make this game board marker coaster. How to craftystaci here

Cheap and simple DIY Lazy Susan board game:

It’s time to bring your life back to the fun of childhood with this cheap and simple DIY easy and lazy Susan game. Using some wooden boards and Susan ladies bearings, you can easily install this fun board game. When this game is there, the family will enjoy spending some fun time at the table.Fashionably late again

DIY placemat board game:

Outdoor picnics are very fun and can have a real good time with our friends and family. Now, these DIY placemat board games can make your outdoor time more enjoyable. Both sides of the mat are printed with game patterns, and you can play with stones, stones, gems, etc.Click here for details

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