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6 DIY chicken feeder and waterer ideas ⋆ DIY crafts


6 DIY chicken feeder and waterer ideas ⋆ DIY crafts


Are you planning to raise some chickens in your backyard? Or willing to build a small poultry farm? Then you only need a special chicken coop, where your chickens can live happily without any danger. The chicken house should have certain characteristics, such as good ventilation, nest boxes for spawning, habitat, connected chicken coops, and winter heart. You can also use our free chicken house plan to build your own chicken house. However, you should have a fully functional chicken house that must be equipped with DIY chicken feeders and waterers.

There is no doubt that your chickens can prey on insects in the attached protected yard, but you need to install some DIY chicken feeders in the chicken coop. It will be easy to feed the chickens, so they will be healthy and will produce extra chicken. Therefore, if you have built or purchased a large chicken coop to raise dozens of children, you should definitely add a good chicken feeder to it to raise chickens without any problems or problems.

So, do you plan to make your own DIY chicken feeder?Then we recommend you to use these 6 best DIY chicken feeder and drinker ideas This will help you get the perfect DIY chicken feeder for free. Because most chicken feeders you make at home are based on recycling old, deleted, discarded and scrapped materials.

But here, we have these best DIY chicken feeder ideas, they will open all the genius skills and smart details for you, allowing you to build a uniquely designed chicken feeder at home.

How to make chicken feeders and chicken feeders at home?

  1. Use recycled PVC pipes and custom PVC fittings to make amazing low-cost chicken feeders at home. Check out a lovely sample, it is a leak-free chicken feeder that will definitely bring great charm to your backyard or chicken coop.
  2. It also reuses old plastic buckets to make beautiful-looking chicken drinkers, and can also manually use wood to make chicken drinkers and feeders like professionals, just look at the given pedal chicken feeder, it has been completed with Inspiring and so beautiful to win your heart.
  3. You can really use so many different materials to make super functional and leak-free chicken feeders at home by hand, and PVC waste and old 5 gallon plastic buckets will be ideal for making perfect chicken feeders and drinkers.

Just browse the entire series to see more interesting homemade chicken feeder designs. You can also click on the attached link to get a complete project tutorial, step-by-step instructions, and a complete free visual guide.

Cute DIY non-leakage chicken feeder:

If you are very interested in poultry and just want to make some chicken houses, you must learn to make some chicken houses and water, which will be an important part of every chicken house.

This is a brilliant suggestion for chicken feeders, it won’t even cause a bit of confusion.

This is an excellent PVC chicken feeder made of larger PVC pipes. It provides an outward-facing branch where chickens can put their faces in them to pick food.

Here is how to make this leak-free chicken feeder a work of art

How to make a PVC chicken feeder:

Check out the smart chicken feeder made by cleverly installing PVC pipes.Here, PVC pipes of different lengths and thicknesses are used to make this lovely look PVC chicken feeder This will also subtly feed the chickens when any food spills.

Customized PVC pipes and connectors are also used to make smart accessories.

This chicken feeder can also be a good gift for friends who like poultry, and it is also a smart way to recycle useless PVC waste from the home.

The complete project tutorial and instructions are here prepforshtf

DIY chicken nipple drinker using plastic bucket:

This is another great DIY chicken drinker that you can easily make at home.

Simply reuse the old plastic bucket and install the push-type chicken mouth on its bottom using a grommet, then fill the plastic bucket with water and hang them at a suitable height.

This will be easy to obtain for all the chickens you raise in the chicken coop or poultry.

Are you willing to copy now? Get the complete free guide and visual tutorial from here happymoneysaver

Build a pedal feeder:

Do a little engineering with sawdust and make a powerful chicken feeder at home, which will surprise every onlooker.

Take a look at this foot-operated chicken feeder, it is really a handsome and innovative wooden product that will surprise your senses.

Make a larger vertical box with a slanted bottom, then add another mini box to the bottom of it, let them all have a lid, and that’s it.This is how to make this kind of foot-operated chicken feeder backyard chicken

Simple DIY PVC chicken feeder:

Fall in love with another great chicken feeder, it is made of PVC pipe, it is a really neat chicken feeder.

The PVC pipe here has completed a peripheral outer arm fixed at the bottom, it is filled with chicken food, the beak of the chicken can easily touch the food without any food spilling.

Here, you only need a little PVC scrap to replicate this chicken feeder project.Complete the tutorial here

How to make a chicken drinker and feeder from a 5-gallon bucket:

It also recycles plastic buckets to make beautiful-looking chicken drinkers and feeders at home without becoming a bit expensive.

Just copy this given chicken waterer and feeder, it will hardly cost you a cent, and it is really a chicken feeder that will not overflow.

Just poke holes in the bucket full of chicken food and put it in a tray or bowl. Complete the project tutorial here blessthismessplease

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