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16 Genius Home Hacks That Changed Our Lives

16 Genius Home Hacks That Changed Our Lives


Make Your Vacuum Work Hard With Toilet Paper Tubes

The plastic heads that come with vacuums can’t reach dead corners of the house, but if you want a flexible attachment, try placing a toilet paper tube over the nozzle, then flatten the cardboard to fit your space.View more information by Life Hacking.

Try trellises for the perfect flower arrangement

It is very annoying when flowers in a wide mouth vase hang to one side. Try using scotch tape to create a grid over the opening.

Don’t want to wash your duvet because it’s hard to put on and take off? Then try this trick, which involves rolling up the duvet and comforter like a burrito, to make it easier. via Inhabitat @ Youtube

Prevent cake batter from splattering

Use the paper pan as a shield to keep the batter from splattering until the cake is ready to bake. Get the tutorial at Little Things.

Cutting Round Cakes the Right Way

To keep your round cake fresh longer, you shouldn’t actually cut it into triangles. Instead, cut it down the middle, removing the long rectangular pieces one at a time — this allows the two halves, then the four quarters, to be pushed back together again. via Numberphile @Youtube

Peel Potatoes Faster

Instead of taking the time to peel the potatoes before putting them in the boiling water, make a slit in the center deep enough to pierce the skin. It will help you peel off the skin easily after cooking. via Foody Tube @Youtube

Removes annoying deodorant stains

It turns out that the colorful foam that wraps around most dry laundry racks doesn’t just keep shirts from slipping, it does a lot moreβ€”to remove obvious white marks, just rub the foam directly on the stain, and voila! No water is required. via video @ huffington post

Make taking out the trash easier

Here’s a smart way to make your home less messy and smelly: Drill a small hole near the bottom of the can to help relieve pressure and keep trash from getting stuck. via porch @Youtube

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