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Amazing uses of silicone you never thought of

Amazing uses of silicone you never thought of


Apparently I’m doing something wrong again. I never knew there were so many great uses for silicone. I always throw them away after opening the package. These little things in life can make your day easier. It’s fascinating how some of those things you keep throwing away actually have great alternative uses.

Silicone wrap is found in many of the packages, boxes and items we order online or buy from stores. They serve a very important purpose of absorbing excess moisture from the surrounding environment, thus keeping the packaged goods dry and free from damage.

This video goes over the many ways silicone bags can make life easier, and below are some of the best uses for them.

1) Keep windows fog-free:

Fog and moisture build-up on car windows can be dangerous and annoying, to reduce and prevent it simply place some silicone packs around the car and near the front and rear windows to keep the fog from accumulating.

2) Extend the life of your expensive razor:

Leaving razors near or in bathrooms and showers can cause the blades to become dull, shortening their life considerably. Wipe off your razor and store it in a container with 4-5 packs of silicone to extend the life of your razor.

3) Rescue the phone from water:

If you’ve ever dropped your phone in water or somehow got it wet, try this; remove the battery and memory card from the phone and place it in a container with a silicone bag overnight.

4) Save old photos safely:

Toss a few packets of silicone into a memory box to preserve your memories and keep them dry.

5) Keep pet food fresh:

When pet food is in the bag it always seems to get mushy and soggy. To avoid this, store food in separate containers and stick the silicone pouch to the underside of the lid, your pet will thank you!

6) Prevent rust:

Tools are subject to constant knocks, and many end up rusting. If you keep some silicone packets in your toolbox, it will help keep them in good, rust-free condition and extend their life.

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