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20 simple DIY hexagonal projects ⋆ DIY crafts


20 simple DIY hexagonal projects ⋆ DIY crafts

When talking about interior design decoration these days, hexagons or honeycomb shapes are all the rage now! Through their fascinating geometric statements, they make every space eye-catching! Do you like this look too much? Are you excited about making some interesting crafts based on hexagons?If you are willing to add honeycomb shapes to your home in some way for extra charm and charm, here are some 20 simple DIY hexagon projects You can try to incorporate this hexagonal shape to the maximum in your home!All these honeycombs DIY crafts It must be the most suitable for every kind of interior decoration and every style of home decoration, so please feel free to try!

A great idea to display hexagons in your home will bring furniture of this shape to your home speech volume! It would be a good idea to choose table furniture with honeycomb countertops, check out the hexagonal side table example for inspiration! Next, you can install some hexagonal shelves on your favorite wall, which will never be ignored by onlookers!Reuse Wood waste Make very beautiful hexagonal coasters from home, and you can also recycle wood to build hollow honeycombs. These honeycombs can be combined to form stunning geometric display units and Craft, An exciting example is the given trio wreath!

Glue the hexagonal cutouts of the glitter and other sheets to the canvas board and glue them in place. Cover the entire canvas with them and you are done. The modern geometric wall art work is ready to be placed on your favorite wall. To get a more prominent decorative statement!

DIY projects for home decoration:

Make hexagonal table runners for hive fans or lovers, or use them on your table, this is another cool way to bring hexagons into your space or home! Use hexagonal templates to make amazing honeycomb transformations on your furnishings and other objects of interest (such as a given honeycomb greenhouse)!

Place the wooden honeycomb on a larger piece of wood or plywood, and create an amazing shoe rack that complements any space with a beautiful geometric statement! Ingeniously use the old wood at home to build a hexagonal dining table, which can allow six people to sit and eat together! Another smart way to make your wall look like a honeycomb is to use a honeycomb style wall clock and clone a given marble hexagonal wall clock to do this!

You can also make hexagonal mini pouches, key chains, flower pots and hexagonal bracelets. These are great gifts for hexagonal lovers. Check out some incredible samples shared below!

For each hexagon project, you can stop and browse the entire Honeycomb Simple Crafts series; there is a corresponding source link below! Visit these source links to get completely free tutorials, teaching guides and easy-to-follow original project ideas!

DIY hexagonal side table:

If you want your decoration to be unique and interesting, then you should think in a different way. Just like you can make this perfect hexagonal table for your living room space instead of creating a square or rectangular table, because they are the two mainstream now.

Not only the top of the table but also the bottom of the table is also hexagonal, which makes it an interesting and unique piece.The full details are here to make it on your handyman daughter

DIY hexagonal wall shelf:

Shelves can not only clean up the mess of the house, but also add a lot of style statements to your space, so you should be picky when choosing the design and shape of the shelf.

If you are a crafty person, then you can make these hexagonal shelves for your space, and then proudly hang them on your wall to bring some fun and chic style to the space.

The following is the detailed information of the project, learn its making passionshake step by step

DIY wooden hexagonal coaster:

If you are a carpenter, wood can be a very convenient material in your hands, and making coasters will be very fun and cost-effective, because you can use the remaining pieces to make them and use them as gifts.

But this time bring some spices to the coasters, make them into hexagons instead of boring and common squares, and then paint the edges, they can be shaken to your table. Get full tutorial details here danslelakehouse

Hexagon Trio Wreath:

Wreath is an indispensable part of any holiday outdoor decoration, here is a wreath that can completely amaze you.

These are hexagonal shelves with decorated pumpkins, which are then combined into a trio to create the most innovative and interesting garlands for your walls. You can find all the details of this beautiful and practical wreath infarrantlycreative on this link

Hexagonal wall art:

By hanging some gorgeous and unique arts and crafts on the walls of the house, the walls can play an important role in developing the decoration of our space. This is a beautiful hexagonal wall art made with colorful sheets and canvas panels.

Cut the paper into many hexagons with a hexagonal paper puncher, and then glue them on the canvas, and that’s it. The following is a detailed understanding of this beautiful wall decoration idea taradennis

Hexagon table runners:

For the ladies at home, dining is one of the most important decoration-oriented things. They have done a lot for them to make them look so beautiful.

This is another great idea to add some perfect beauty to the dining table with this super cool and cute hexagonal table and chair.

The fabric is hand-printed in three different designs, and then these cute hexagons are cut and stitched together to create this interesting tablecloth.This is the detailed information of lemonsqueezyhome

Hexagonal greenhouse:

If you are considering creating a greenhouse cabinet in your space, then we have this perfect idea for you to get to know it before you start other plans.

The antique glass cabinets bought in this market are very suitable as a greenhouse for your favorite plants and herbs.

You can use vinyl and your silhouette machine to paint a hexagon pattern on it to give it a chic and interesting look.Here are the complete details to make this idea more than just a housewife

Hexagonal marble wall clock:

Wall clocks are too mainstream these days, but in a new incarnation, it’s marble. Now you can easily make your own marble clock using the cheapest consumables such as plastic, paper, and clock movement kits.

The rest of the details that make it so beautiful and neat are all here, so be sure to take a look at the complete method of learning and try this simple and fun project this weekend or any free time.

Hexagonal DIY shoe rack:

Shoe storage is a problem for every house, and the Internet is full of ideas and plans to solve this problem.

This is a beautiful and interesting solution to make these hexagonal shelves for stylish shoe cabinets in your dormitory or entrance space.

You need to stack a pile of wooden slats together and shape this beautiful shoe storage box at the cheapest cost.Here are the details of the designer of the trapped project

Hexagonal dining table:

Updating the decoration after a period of time is a difficult task so that you can maintain the charm and beauty of the space while maintaining a fresh and unique feel.

This is a great idea to update the restaurant decoration, adding this shabby and chic dining table, which is installed with wooden slats and pipes in a beautiful honeycomb hexagon. You can view the full details of the lifted top and tube legs here abeautifulmess

Ombre honeycomb hexagonal wall:

The honeycomb hexagon pattern is too cute. Many decoration items are designed for your space, especially the bedroom. These interesting shapes have a lot of places to play.

You need a lot of wooden slats to cut off the edges. These wooden slats will combine to form a hexagonal pattern on your wall.

The real charm is that the hexagons are coated with a variety of paint colors, making your bedroom walls look so gorgeous, chic and stylish. Tutorial is here Vintagerevivals

DIY hexagonal flower pots with 2×4 waste wood:

Flower pots can immediately modify the decoration and style of your space, especially those small spaces with lovely succulents.

So we have this beautiful hexagonal flowerpot to share with you all these things that can add beauty to your mantel, shelf and table. Using sawdust, this flowerpot is shaped into a cute hexagon and painted with gold and white undertones, which makes it look very gorgeous and irresistible.

Check the details here to place this flower pot jenwoodhouse for you

DIY Hexagon Coin Pouch Keychain:

In some places you may need coins instead of dollar bills, so here we have a great idea to make your own fabric coin purse and fix your coins in it.

They are too cute and fun to make with vibrant and colorful fabric prints, cute zippers and rings, so that they can be beautifully and easily placed in your bag.

So now you don’t need to find coins in your wallet, because you will have these beautiful little coin bags deliacreates

DIY Hexagonal Bracelet Sewing Tutorial:

Updates and unique ideas for making beautiful and interesting bracelets continue to emerge. This is this lovely new product.

This is a cute fabric hexagonal bracelet that can show your vibrant and interesting personality.

You can use all the colorful fabric collections and some pellon cut hexagons to make this beautiful bracelet, and enjoy wearing it on your wrist with your favorite T-shirt, top or vest.

This is also a great gift, so check here for details alwaysexpectmoore

How to hex table runner:

The tablekeeper determines the decoration and style of your restaurant, because everyone sitting at the table will see it. So to enjoy the super cool and cute table runner, you can try this idea of ​​a hexagonal table runner made of hexagonal paper and beautiful printed fabric.

One hundred and seventeen hexagons are stitched together to form large tables and chairs in a variety of pleasant tones, so you can make them according to the size of the dining table. View the full detailed tutorial mypoppet here

DIY Hexie pillowcase:

For a complete tutorial and step-by-step details, please visit: aspoonfulofsugardesigns

Hexagon applique tote bag:

There are many ways to bring some quirky style to your bedroom decoration, all you need to do is think like a crafty person.

This is a fun idea to add cute and colorful hexagons to the pillows of your bed and bring an instant cute and cool atmosphere to your space.

You can view the complete tutorial on this link to give your comfortable pillowcase vanessachristenson a perfect and chic look

How to use hexagonal wall art:

The walls of a house can play an important role in bringing beauty and charm to the style statement of your house. So you can fill boring and empty walls with geometric shapes. Hexagons may be the cutest to make your hands dirty.

These hollow and full hexagons are made of wood and painted in chic gold, blue and zinc tones to create a perfect modern feel on your walls.Get the full details of this super stylish and decorative item sister suitcase blog here

DIY Hexagon Children’s Dream Catcher:

The dream catcher is an interesting part of the children’s room, because it is not only fun and interesting, but also very gorgeous, which can enhance the decorative effect of the children’s room.

So this is another unique looking dream catcher project, you can put your hands in the baby’s nursery.

These are beautiful hexagonal dream catchers with attractive colors and decorations, which add luster to the walls and add a lot of fun to the room decoration.Get full details here

Simple DIY hexagonal tray:

This is an interesting transformation concept to change old and boring dishes or provide dishes for interesting and interesting dishes.

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