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25 free crochet jewelry patterns (necklaces, bracelets and earrings)


25 free crochet jewelry patterns (necklaces, bracelets and earrings)

Jewelry has always been the charm of women all over the world. Gold, silver, metal, diamonds, etc., jewelry is the property of every woman, depending on their taste and choice. What is more unique and prominent is the design of jewelry pieces. It is more popular among ladies. Therefore, we come here with new jewelry ideas, which will definitely attract the attention of beautiful ladies. How about making jewelry with crochet art? Yes, you see what I mean; crocheted jewelry is a new feeling of drooling among women today. If you know the use of crochets and crochets, you can use them to make gorgeous neckwear, stylish bracelets, exquisite earrings and rings. In order to show you the visual effects of some exquisite jewelry designs in crochet, we have collected some inspirational ideas for you.So look at these 25 free crochet jewelry patterns, including earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

The beauty and style of these crocheted jewelry designs are enhanced with the addition of beads, buttons and pearls. Just take a few minutes to check them one by one, we believe you will pick some jewelry designs to knit yourself, because they are too cute to resist.

1. Crochet sunburst earring pattern

Crochet Sunburst Earrings

These crochet sunburst earrings can bring more crochet fun to your winter fashion, and you can easily crochet by yourself. The cute crochet sunburst earrings are 1.5 cm in diameter, so you can make them easily and quickly in a few minutes. Just put your hands on the earring hooks, 2.5 mm hooks and 10 yards of embroidery thread, and you can use your favorite color. Get more information from here!You should craft

2. Crochet Necklace-Free Pattern

Crochet necklace

A personalized necklace can instantly increase the charm and beauty of your dress. This crocheted personality necklace is the perfect choice for your winter wardrobe and fashion items. The individual necklace has a simple and cute design, which is easy to imitate and also very interesting. View pattern details here.Yarn inspiration

3. Crochet bangle bracelet pattern

Crochet bracelet

Do you want to add a beautiful and warm bracelet to your wrist? If yes, try these crochet bracelet bracelet patterns to get a wrist fashion suitable for winter. Use multi-colored yarn to make these beautiful crochet bracelets. This is the perfect item to destroy your yarn stash. The details are here!Hustle and bustle

4. Crochet sea wave cuff pattern

Crochet sea wave cuffs

Wear this wave cuff on your wrist to make your Independence Day look cool and stylish. Using flag-colored yarn, you can easily create a simple bracelet, and then decorate it with patches and buttons to create a brighter and more fashionable look. Follow the step-by-step details of your idea here!Warm heart

5. Crochet coral necklace pattern

Crochet coral necklace

This beautiful coral necklace is inspired by the ocean and has a bold tone. It is the perfect complement to your summer fashion. This pop-up coral necklace will instantly refresh your jeans and tops. From girls to adult ladies, this coral necklace is suitable for people of all ages. Check out the details of the mode here!Winding crochet

Watch this video: How to Crochet Heart Necklaces and Bracelet Jewelry-Naztazia’s DIY Tutorial-Crochet Jewelry (07 minutes and 32 seconds)

6.Crochet Caribbean wave hoop earrings

Crochet Caribbean Wave Hoop Earrings

Earrings are one of the favorite earphones of every girl around me. With this idea of ​​crocheting Caribbean wave earrings, you can decorate your earrings in the best way. Put your hands on the colorful embroidered floss and use them to make these beautiful hoop earrings. Get free patterns for these fan earrings here!Fiber flux

7. Crochet Rampion flower stitch pattern

Crochet Twill Flower Pin

This cute crochet twill floral stitch pattern brings some floral charm to your hair styling. Using the yarn of your favorite color and texture, you can easily make this flower needle using the spiral technique. These cute flower hairpins will be great gifts for lovely ladies among family and friends. Get more information from here! mylittlecitygirl

8. Crochet bear brooch pattern

Crochet bear brooch

It’s time to play your crochet game and make something very cute and fun, just like this crochet bear brooch. These brooches look very cool and chic on many things such as baby dresses, shoes, bags, and beautiful appliques. Next time you need a brooch as a gift, grab the yarn and hook them up. The pattern is here!carnival

9. Crochet puff rainbow earrings

Crochet Puff Rainbow Earrings

These crocheted puff rainbow earrings add color to your personality and look. The gorgeous combination of the rainbow colors in the yarn and the rainbow shape of the earrings really makes these earrings interesting and cool. These are interesting jewelry accessories for your summer outing. Get more information from here!Sacred fragment

10. Crochet leftover yarn bracelet

Crochet leftover yarn bracelet

Even if you are a beginner in crocheting, you can still make these crochet leftover yarn bracelets because the skill level is so simple. Using chain stitches, double stitches and beads, you can easily create this charming and cute bracelet. These handmade bracelets are perfect for celebrating Friendship Day with love. The details are here!carnival

11.Crochet clover bracelet pattern

Crochet shamrock bracelet

This crochet clover bracelet pattern makes your St. Patrick’s Day even more special. Yes, wearing this super cute and elegant clover bracelet will be very fresh and interesting. The bottom of the bracelet has a green clover design with an orange border. Check out the complete model and details here!Sacred fragment

12. Crochet boho earrings

Crochet boho earrings

Who doesn’t like chic bohemian earrings? The good news is that now you can make these boho earrings yourself. These gorgeous round white grandma square earrings with pink tassels look very weird and gorgeous. So grab your favorite contrast yarn, earring hook, 3.5 crochet hook. The details are here!Crochet for you

13.Crochet wreath pattern

Crochet wreath

This crochet wreath pattern and creativity make your old ring look newer and more gorgeous. The gorgeous green and red roses look very beautiful, crocheted and placed on the ring, forming an awesome and cute ring. This ring will definitely add charm and beauty to your outfit. Let many of them be used as gifts. The detailed pattern is here!Popcorn

14. Free crochet leather bracelet pattern

Crochet leather bracelet

Have you tried crocheting with something other than yarn? If not, then it’s time to make these cute crochet leather bracelets and try to crochet in a newer way. The bracelet is crocheted with leather cord and decorated with leather tassels. Check out the simple and interesting details of this idea here!Persian House

15.Crochet pineapple pendant pattern

Crochet pineapple pendant

Do you like pineapple? If yes, then the idea of ​​this crochet pineapple pendant and earrings is to make and have some jewelry fun? You need to hook the yellow parts of the pineapple into small circles and leaves, and then stitch them together with small seed beads to get a more fashionable look. The details are here!Winding crochet

16.Crochet feather pendant necklace

Crochet feather pendant necklace

If you think you look simple and boring, crochet this feather pendant can instantly add charm to your look. Using white feathers, you can crochet beautiful feathers with seed beads in the center. So put your hands on embroidery thread, 2.5mm hooks and beads to make this beautiful necklace. The details of the idea are here!Crochet for you

17. Free crochet tension loop pattern

Free crochet tension loop pattern

This is the idea of ​​crocheting this cute and colorful crochet tension ring on your finger. When you feel like you are wearing a boring casual outfit, put on this ring and go out. You can follow simple and interesting patterns here, and the yarns used can also be discarded yarns. The details are here!carnival

18. Crochet Spider Web Necklace

Crochet Spider Web Necklace

This handmade crochet spider web necklace looks elegant and cute this Halloween. Just put on any of your black dresses and make this cute mesh necklace, and you can find the perfect Halloween in just a few minutes. The white web is easy to hook up and add a toy spider, and you are done. Learn more here!textbook

19.Crochet remember ring patterns

Crochet remember ring

If your memory is not good and you are trying to remember things, we will get some help. This is the idea of ​​crocheting this memory ring to get some help from daily memory. Cute and interesting rings require minimal yarn, time and energy, and can be easily completed in an afternoon. Get more information from here!biscuits

20. Crochet boho bracelet

Crochet boho bracelet

The cuff bracelet is very attractive and cool, so the idea here is to add some chic vibe to your personality with this crocheted boho bracelet. The bottom of the cuffs is black, and the top is decorated with some colored yarn. Bracelets with buttons add a more fashionable charm. Check out the complete learning tutorial here!Dacrocecan

21. Free crochet poppy brooch pattern

Free crochet poppy brooch pattern

Brooches can instantly make anything look charming and gorgeous, and now you can also crochet one. Yes, this is this crochet poppy brooch, which can be used for crafting and decoration. You can use it as wall decoration, decals on bags and handbags, etc. Check out the details of the idea here!Willow

22. Crochet heart earrings

Crochet Heart Earrings

If you like the minimalist design in jewelry, you will love these crochet heart earrings. Yes, cute and fun heart-shaped fluffy earrings are the best choice for making and enhancing the beauty and charm of earrings. They are the perfect choice for your date night and dinner. The details are here!Yarn inspiration

23. Crochet Snowflake Earrings

Crochet Snowflake Earrings

These gorgeous snowflake crochet earrings are the best choice for making this winter. Crochet snowflakes are crocheted with lighter tones of embroidery thread. Then tie bright tassels to the snowflake ring, and your perfect earrings are ready. The details are here!Crochet for you

24. Crochet wonderful watermelon earrings

Crochet Wonderful Watermelon Earrings

Enjoy the fun of watermelon with these crocheted exquisite watermelon earrings and enjoy your summer. The triangular earrings have watermelon color, bright red, white, and green, with a black seed touch. These fruit watermelon earrings look very attractive and cool, suitable for summer outings. The details are here!Sacred fragment

25. How to crochet bracelet free patterns

How to crochet a bracelet

If you are looking for a cute crochet jewelry item, making this crochet bracelet is the best idea. So buy some colorful plain yarn to complete your lovely big and thick bracelet. This will make your girl look more interesting and chic. Check out the details of this fun, stylish and cute crochet bracelet here!Light of life

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