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15 ideas for making decorative letters


15 ideas for making decorative letters

Harsh words will hurt you deeper than swords, but on the other hand, polite, sweet, and gentle words are a healing salve. You can also choose some words you like to speak loudly for your home decoration. Add some decorative initials, letters, words or quotation marks, you can bring some exquisite aspects to your home decoration and style, and at least cost. The Internet is full of ideas and plans that suggest making some wiggly monograms and DIY letters, and some of the best ideas are here, so you can peek into the essence of this type.

We have these here 15 ideas for making your own decorative letters Retouch and retouch it. Using cheap and easy-to-find consumables, you can create custom-sized words or initials that you like, and decorate them with many interesting things to upgrade their appearance. You can use cardboard, sticks, branches, branches, blocks, or anything near you to shape your favorite letters, words or initials. You can beautify it with plastic flowers, painting art, glittering works, or cover it with pompons, twine or old book pages to get the perfect look of your choice. Entrance, hall, living room, bedroom, porch, garden, courtyard, these cute letters can be displayed in all warm parts to enhance the style and decoration level. To get more detailed information on DIY wooden letter ideas, please scroll down and click on the link, and you will get all the help they need.

1. Use Big Wall Letter by Mod Podge

Decorate wooden letters with Mod Podge

Using the mode podge method, use this decorated wooden wall letter to bring customized appeal to your space. So take your name letter with wood and decorate it with colorful floral scrapbook paper and mode podge. This decorated wooden letter will look very beautiful and interesting on your bookshelf or table. The details are here!Run with sisters

2. Wooden alphabet photo collage

Wooden alphabet photo collage

This is another interesting decoration done with wooden wall letters. A friend who moved to another city received this photo collage of wooden letters. The wooden letters write the name of the city or place to which they will be transferred. The letters are decorated with paint and family photos. See step-by-step details here.Incubation port

3. Buffalo Checkered Wooden Wall Letters

Buffalo check wooden letters

Using wooden letters, you can bring perfect customization to your space. Let these buffalo check the letters on the wooden wall because they become so cool and catchy. Using painter’s tape, paint, and brush, you can easily create a buffalo plaid pattern of letters. Get more information from here!Should mop the floor

4. Animal toy stuffed letters on the wall

Animal toy stuffed letters

This is another interesting idea to bring letters into your home decor. This funny letter has a caddy space in which you can put your plastic animals and toys. This wall letter full of toys will look very beautiful on your desk or shelf. They can also work at the end of this book, so be sure to make them. The details of the idea are here!What she made

5. DIY painted big wall letter

DIY painted wooden letters

The wall says a lot about your home style decoration and theme, here is another interesting idea to cheer you up. So enter your name in the initial wooden wall letters and paint them with some bright pop-up paint with some contrasting polka dots. Hang this painted wooden letter on the wall to create a perfect personalized look. The details are here!Something splashing

Watch this video: DIY——How to decorate wooden letters with paper——Decoration idea of ​​DIY big wall letters (02 minutes 50 seconds)

6. Decorative DIY vertical flower letters

DIY Tachibana

Flowers are the most in home decor, and now you can bring them to your space in some interesting decorating ways. Just get a wooden wall letter and paint it with some nude paint. Then take some beautiful and colorful artificial flowers and glue them on the letter. Display this flower letter on your entrance table to get the perfect impression. The details are here!Handicrafts

7. Mod Podge personalized wooden letters

Mod Podge personalized wooden letters

If your family has Logan fans, or you are a fan, then here is the mod podge personalized Muxin idea for you. Yes, these wooden decorative letters have LOGAN written on them, and they look very weird and personalized on the desktop. The LOGAN letters are decorated with colorful floral patterns on scrapbook paper. The details are here!Corbson

8. How to make pallet big wall letters

How to make pallet wood letters

This gorgeous pallet wood wall alphabet art brings simplicity to your life in the most exquisite way. Using pallet wood pieces, this gorgeous love letter art is created. So pick up the tray and take it to your studio to create this rich wooden love letter art style that makes your walls look so precious and perfect. The details are here!Upgrade cycle

9. Watercolor characters on the wall

Watercolor wooden alphabet tutorial

These are these gorgeous watercolor wooden letters that bring perfect beauty and summer charm to your space. So, get the wooden wall letters of your favorite month and dye them in any color you like, but only half the length. You can use the same watercolor letter technique, but choose the letter according to your choice for a more personalized appeal. The details are here!Persian House

10. Rural Industry Big Letters on Wooden Pallets

Rustic industrial letter on wooden pallets

This rustic industrial letter from the big wall letter brings the perfect personalized decoration to your space. Use the initials of your and your wife’s names and add them to your walls with the most beautiful decorations. The beautiful country letters are made from wooden pallets and old shutters. The details are here!Remodelers

11. DIY big wooden wall letter

Huge wooden letter

This is this beautiful wooden letter idea that can bring perfectly customized decorative details into your space. These are lowercase letters, but have been done in the huge size of the wood, and the results are very impressive. Let this huge wooden letter be part of your porch or front door decoration and personal appeal. The details of the idea are here!Whimsy

12. Color block painted letters

Painted color block letters

If you still have some space left on your wall, here is an idea to fill it in a fun and dramatic way. Making this kind of color block painted letters is a good way to bring personalized beauty to your space. Half of the letters on the wooden wall are painted in walnut color and half painted in white, which looks perfect and cool. Learn more!In the woods

13. Decorative floral and fabric letters

Floral and fabric wooden letters

These floral and fabric wooden wall letters make your decoration a reflection of you. The wooden letters are covered with dark fabric and then decorated with red and white flowers with glue. Display these handmade floral and fabric wooden letters on your wall, desktop or shelf. The details are here!Walmart

14. Mother’s Day Gift Wall Letter

Mother's day gift wooden letters

Celebrate Mother’s Day in the most exquisite and fun way with the wooden letters of this Mother’s Day gift item. These wooden letters read MOM and are painted at home, with a charming custom look. Half of the letters are painted white, and the other half are painted mint. Check out the simple details here!Getting darker

15. Pallet Wood’s Big Wall Letter

Making pallet wood letters

If you have some pallet wood around, please make the most of it by making something very cool and interesting. This is the idea of ​​making this beautiful pallet wood big wall letter so that you can add some personalized beauty to your space. Make huge pallet wood letters for a more impressive appearance. The details are here!Thistle Farm

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