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DIY Plastic Spoon Light


DIY Plastic Spoon Light-How to ⋆ DIY Crafts


Indoor lighting has always been a topic of great interest to everyone!Everyone is one Fashion Enthusiasts and big style lovers always tend to get unique and ultra-modern lighting systems that make his interior design fascinating! We are here to show you that you can also use all the available home materials to make by hand to make some modern and unique lights for your residence!This is an exciting sample of handmade modern home lighting DIY plastic spoon light, With step-by-step instructions, is a very inspiring DIY project! The construction provides a simple level of difficulty, so every family enthusiast can easily replicate this lamp to enlarge its internal appearance!

With a little creativity in your brain and the accuracy of your hands, start this project that will be completed in minutes! The most important and time-consuming task here is to give the plastic jar lid a beautiful plastic spoon cover! So take a whole pack of plastic spoons and take the time to cut open the head of the spoon with your favorite scissors, leaving only a little tail!

After getting a big bowl full of plastic spoon heads, separate the bottom of the plastic can, and then start to install the spoon head on the entire outside of the plastic can! Arrange the spoons in a straight line and complete the complete circle around the can after you start the next one!

Now remove the mouth of the plastic can, install the bracket in the can, while holding a bulb, fix it on the bracket from the other side of the plastic can, this is the beautiful lampshade now! That’s it! A super smart and timeless project that can be added to your to-do list!You should try these too 100 DIY chandelier projects to make your home decoration easy It only requires your DIY skills at no cost.


  1. A plastic jar
  2. A pack of plastic spoons
  3. Light kit
  4. Craft Knife
  5. Scissors
  6. Hot glue gun
  7. A light bulb

First prepare your supplies on the workbench! !

Take out the plastic spoons one by one and chop off their heads!

Scissors will be the right tool to cut plastic spoon heads correctly! Don’t just cut the head, save a little spoon handle and cut!

This is the bulb holder cover, which should be suitable for fixing from the inside of the bottle, so that the bottle will hang on the holder, so its circumference should be larger than the opening of the plastic bottle to do this!

Before starting the project, find some dry accessories!

Now use a sharp craft knife to accurately cut the entire bottom of the plastic can! Get directions from the given picture!

At the same time, use the same craft knife to cut the opening or mouth of the plastic bottle!

Now start using the glue gun to install the plastic spoon head on all sides of the plastic can!

Complete one round and then the second round, so you will be able to cover all surfaces of the plastic bottle!

It is more precise when sticking plastic spoons around narrow openings!

When there is no space for the plastic spoon to add more, your plastic spoon lampshade can be filled with a light bulb!

Now pass through the lamp holder through the narrower opening, then pass through from the opposite side to screw the cover onto the lamp holder! The size of the lamp holder cover, which is narrower and larger than the opening of the plastic can, will not allow the lamp holder to return to the outside and make the whole lamp fall dangerous!This is what you need to care about when doing this DIY plastic spoon light project!

Now choose a suitable space for this DIY Spoon light to hang and get more views!

Hang this homemade lamp as a chandelier anywhere in the home, such as above the kitchen island or in the bedroom!

Any dark space in the home can also accept this open-arm lamp!

This handmade plastic spoon light is both praiseworthy and a gift, so you can also use it as a gift!

Change the color of the light by changing the hue of the bulb installed in the lamp! A super amazing, unique, low-cost, smart and creative craft project!

If you find some of the steps are tricky and feel a little confused, then don’t worry, check out the entire video tutorial here!

You can also follow the video YouTube channel.Mr. Lega

DIY tutorial:

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