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8 DIY wedding hairstyles for long hair that impress people


8 DIY wedding hairstyles for long hair that impress people

Are you about to attend a wedding, or your own wedding, and you want to have the perfect hairstyle for the occasion? Let us remove a stress from the equation and do your hair styling. The wedding hairstyles we chose for long hair are very impressive, which will definitely make people wonder who made your hair.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

  1. Ultimate waterfall weaving

View in galleryWaterfallBraid 8 DIY wedding hairstyles suitable for long hair, leaving a deep impression

You can find layered hair effects on many websites, making it a popular choice for those who want to make an impact. It looks beautiful on straight or curly hair, but it does require a lot of practice to make the weave perfect, so it’s a good idea to do a few trial runs before the important day. To learn how to create the ultimate cascading waterfall effect in your hair, visit the latest hairstyle and follow ten simple steps with a handy picture to keep you consistent.

  1. Half-up and half-down wedding hairstyle designed by Kate Middleton

View in gallery8 DIY wedding hairstyles to impress people with long hair

Every girl should have one-day princess hair, even if you don’t have a stylist on call. However, now you can have the opportunity to create this simple hairstyle and recreate the iconic look of the Duchess of Cambridge in just ten minutes. Learn how in Ma Nouvelle Mode.

  1. Infinite braid updo

View in galleryInfinite braid updo

This three-part braid is combined at the end to create a head-turning style that is beautiful from all angles. Although copying this style may seem complicated, it’s far from it, and it’s easy to create. To design your hair into infinite braids for your wedding, please visit how to hair girls.

  1. Twisted fishtail half-up and half-down hairstyle

View in galleryTwisted fishtail half-up and half-down hairstyle

To create a bohemian hairstyle that looks fresh and beautiful in spring and summer, a twisted fishtail is the perfect choice. Easily creating this simple style will bring extra charm to curly hairstyles and give you an elegant look on important days. To learn how to do it yourself, check out Barefoot Blonde for a step-by-step guide.

  1. Side sweep dutch braids

View in gallerySide sweep dutch braids

View in galleryDutch braid side scan

View in galleryDutch braid side sweep hairstyle

This is a classic hairstyle that always has an impact, and it is better than at a wedding. It shows style and elegance, which is what you want on important days. To create your own style, check out Missy Sue.

  1. Pretty retro fluffy

View in galleryBeautiful vintage fluffy wedding hairstyle

View in galleryLoose romantic bun

View in galleryWedding hairstyles for long hair

View in galleryWedding hairstyle

View in galleryWedding hairstyles for long hair

View in gallerySummer wedding hairstyle

View in galleryBlond hair wedding hairstyle

View in galleryCool wedding hairstyle

This loose, romantic bun is easy to create and produces an elegant style that is sure to make people dizzy. For those hot summer weddings, this style is ideal because it keeps your hair away from your shoulders and keeps you cool on special days. To create your own style, visit Steph’s Hair & Make Up.

  1. Flat iron curls

View in galleryFlat Iron Curly Hair-Wedding Style

Want to create a simple and elegant style that does not take a long time to achieve and is guaranteed to last all night, that is, the flat iron curly hairstyle. For those who have a tight schedule but still want to look great on their important day, this style is sure to leave a lasting impression. Go to A Beautiful Mess to follow the steps to create your own wavy curls.

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