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20 best DIY balloon garland ideas you can make


20 best DIY balloon garland ideas you can make


Discover how to use these 20 simple DIY balloon wreath ideas to make balloon wreaths or arches, which are perfect for birthdays, weddings or baby showers! Balloons are one of the most popular party decorations. They often see amazing decorative elements at birthday parties, wedding decorations and baby showers. However, balloon decorations usually look rough, but they are easy to combine. With the help of an inflator, blow up a large number of balloons needed for party decoration. Helium tanks will be a wise alternative to flying balloons.

After you get hundreds of balloons of your favorite color, tie them together to make a precious DIY balloon arch. Hang them on the wall to get interesting colorful backgrounds. Use them in the same way to add an impressive background to the wedding stage. Get help from these 20 simple DIY balloon garland tutorials while being confused about the clever use of balloons for celebration and party decoration. In addition, you can use the front door, dessert table and windows to make stunning balloon arches.

Balloons have many different textures and designs, creating more possibilities for cute balloon decorations. Mix these balloon garlands with expanded letters or numbers and green plants, twigs and flowers for even more amazing effects. Summarize these DIY balloon garland ideas and make the balloon arch the way you want.

Make a balloon wreath for your front door:

This gorgeous summer decoration idea is perfect for your outdoor activities and brings you a perfect welcome attitude. Based on the fruit and citrus theme, gorgeous colorful balloon garlands with mini and large balloons will bring freshness to your outdoors. Simple details are here abeautifulmess

DIY balloon garland:

Bring this huge balloon garland background to your party table to bring a strong decorative atmosphere to your outdoor garden or yard party. The combination of elegant white balloons and cute pink balloons, as well as balloons of different sizes, looks so beautiful and ethereal. For details, please click orientaltrading

The simplest DIY balloon garland:

Balloons are a must-have for party decoration, and now you can add them to this gorgeous and impressive garland style. The white and pink balloons with green leaves look very beautiful and are very suitable for birthday or baby shower girly themed parties. How to get here ahostinghome

  • Flower balloon: Make flower balloons for parties or any decoration. They are easy to make, and a child can help prepare.

How to make a balloon garland:

You can connect them together and make this cute balloon garland instead of throwing the balloons on the ground in the next celebration. You can use balloons that match your home decoration to make this wreath. This wreath looks very unique, and there are paper roses hanging on the wall. See maisondepax for details

DIY $22 balloon garland:

This is how you can use this DIY balloon garland to create a huge decorative effect for your celebration. The binding of colorful cute and contrasting balloons really brings cute charm to your party decoration. You can install this wreath on windows or walls. Tutorial is here twotwentyone

DIY Little Shark Party Balloon Garland:

If you think the home decor of the party you are hosting lacks charm, then this is the idea for this beautiful balloon garland. The cute little shark party wreath with white, black and blue balloons looks great and can bring an attractive atmosphere to your party. Share the details here loveluckylife

DIY first birthday balloon garland:

The first birthday is always special, and now you can make the celebration even more special with this cute and impressive balloon arrangement. Yes, gorgeous balloons in white, black, gold and marble tones are combined in an arch style to form this lovely balloon wreath. How to get here bybrittanygold

Make a balloon garland for a birthday party:

No matter what the celebration is, balloons will add the perfect party atmosphere to our space. This time, you can arrange flowers in this beautiful wreath style and enjoy the great charm that adds to your decoration. White and blue marine-themed balloons were used to shape this gorgeous garland. Details here sabrinasoto

DIY balloon garland for birthday party decoration:

Decorate your birthday party with this balloon garland and plan this gorgeous surprise for the birthday people in your home. The garland is made of colorful pastel themed balloons, and it also surrounds the chair to surround a birthday boy or girl. Simple details are here foxyoxie

Make your own balloon garland:

Whether you are hosting a birthday party in the coming days or planning a baby shower for your friends, this gorgeous balloon garland idea is for you. Making balloon garlands on the fireplace may be the best way to arrange balloons and decorate party decorations.Learn to make two purple sofas here

How to make your own balloon garland:

Do you think that balloon garlands can only be made by professionals? It’s time to get rid of this idea and make this gorgeous DIY balloon garland for your kid’s birthday party. Just pick up a balloon of your favorite color to make this simple and gorgeous garland. Learn how to tie a balloon garland to the wall.Swaddling

Fun and simple balloon garland-party decoration idea:

Want to get a huge decorative effect and a small budget in a short time? Then put your hand on this pretty cute balloon garland, it can provide a lovely background for your party table. Just decide which color balloon matches your theme decoration and get the size you need to make this balloon garland.Tutorial is here

Colorful DIY balloon background arch:

This gorgeous and colorful DIY balloon background arch can provide an intimidating backdrop for your party table. Not only does the balloon arch or garland make your decoration look super charming, but it also brings a complete professional decoration atmosphere to your space. Get the operation method here bespoke-bride

DIY balloon garland cake decoration:

You will lose your heart for this cute idea of ​​adding a mini cute balloon garland to the cake. No matter what the occasion, this balloon garland will become the most beautiful and cutest cake decoration ever.Follow the details here for sugar and cloth

DIY balloon arch without chicken shreds:

DIY balloon arches or balloon garlands are a new trend of decoration for birthday parties, wedding decorations and baby showers. Now, you can decorate your own beautiful and cute DIY balloon arch without using wire mesh. For details, please see here priscilla-locke

Create a quick and easy balloon garland tutorial:

Follow the trend of your next party celebration with this quick and easy balloon garland idea. Balloons are an indispensable part of decoration, so making this cute balloon wreath is the best arrangement to add balloons to the decoration. How to garland thehouseofhood here

DIY flower balloon garland:

Nowadays, the art of balloon garland is everywhere. Now, you can add more charm and ethereal appearance to your DIY balloon arch by adding DIY paper flowers. This pink DIY balloon arch looks very attractive, with pink and white flowers and some green stems. Crack the details here classyclutter

Gorgeous DIY balloon garland:

This mini cute DIY balloon garland is a pure pleasure for our eyes, and it is also a kind of enjoyment for our beauty, because it is so gorgeous. The icing on the cake is that you can easily and cheaply shape this beautiful and exquisite balloon arch for your next celebration. For this, you need mini gold balloons, paper lanterns and paper honeycombs.Printable shredding

DIY balloon garland tutorial for the next party:

No matter how much effort you put into the party table and party food, your celebration cannot be completed without balloons. The beautiful balloon garland is created with simple pink balloons and some dotted balloons, and the addition of green stems adds to the fun. Visual aids marinashaystyle here

DIY balloon garland for children’s room:

Through this gorgeous DIY balloon garland idea, make the unicorn in the birthday celebration more charming. Inspired by the colors of the unicorn theme, this colorful DIY balloon arch really enlivens the beauty and charm of the nursery room decoration. Details here cakeandpartydiy

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