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Crochet Button Loafers Patterns for Adults Free and Premium

Crochet Button Loafers Patterns for Adults Free and Premium


These crochet button loafers/slippers are beautiful and brightly designed for cheerful spring. If you’re an experienced crocheter, you can probably figure out how to make this beautiful pair of shoes yourself. Button straps and tie straps keep the momentum going, and back-stitching adds texture to them. They’re also great for beginner crocheters getting used to basic stitches, and are easy to make with something practical you can wear. Here’s a roundup of crochet slipper patterns for the whole family to get you started. There are more crochet slippers with free patterns on my new website, click the link to not miss it. The Crochet Granny Hex Slippers Free Pattern is a fun pattern and I recommend it with a video tutorial.

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Designer Genevive Hunter on Ravelry showed us a beautiful pair that we can’t resist buying right now, here are the patterns: Button Loafer Crochet Pattern for Adults

Crochet Button Loafers Free Pattern for Adults

Here is a written pattern for a women’s crochet cozy and cute boat shoe slipper free pattern, click here for the free pattern link:

Crochet Women’s Boat Slipper Free Pattern from White and Ivy

Click on the links below for free crochet patterns:

Littlejohn’s Yarn Loafers/Slippers

Click on the links below for paid crochet patterns:

PdfPatternDesign Loafers

Roundup of DIY Crochet Shoe Slipper Patterns for Adults

Click Here For More Women’s Crochet Shoe Slippers Free Patterns

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